Strategic Focus Area


Modernize and Optimize City Services

This focus area is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and efficiency in the way we internally operate and deliver services to our constituents.

Today, there are too many paper-based, fragmented processes and systems to manage work flows across departments. Processes are often the result of historical ways of working rather than what would make the most sense for customers or efficient division of labor across teams. Moreover, many processes are not written down or understood by customers that need to use them, inclusive of internal shared services.

Collaboration across departments is often ad hoc or dependent upon building individual relationships rather than leveraging structures or integrated operating models. The result is a fragmented experience for residents and partners seeking City services.

Technology is not consistently utilized or employed across the organization and data does not consistently inform day-to-day decision-making. Datasets are often decentralized, managed on individual workstations rather than within a consolidated database.


A. City government continuously improves processes.

B. City government strategically employs technology across operations to improve staff experiences and productivity.

C. The City’s organizational structure is designed to clarify roles, improve collaboration, and align with goals and resident, business, and stakeholder needs.

D. The City delivers efficient and effective city services by tracking metrics, setting targets for improvement, and clearly communicating performance standards to residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.

Measures of Success

icon% of residents who rate City services “Excellent” or “Good”

icon% of 311 service requests closed on time

icon  Dollars saved from business process improvements through the Innovation Accelerator program