Residents First Rental Registration

Following the passage of Cleveland’s new Residents First legislation, all owners of non-owner-occupied residential properties are required to register and pay registration fees for each of their properties. A certificate approving rental occupancy will also be required in order to rent in good standing with the city and be compliant with the new legislation.

These changes will also require additional documentation — including an affidavit naming a local agent in charge, proof of current taxes or an established payment plan and lead-safe certification — to be submitted by property owners prior to the issuance of a rental occupancy certificate. 

Residents First Rental Registration Process for Landlords

The city’s new rental registration online portal is set to launch in the coming weeks. The due date for rental registration fees has been extended to May 30, 2024, and Certificates Approving Rental Occupancy must be obtained by September 1, 2024. In the coming weeks detailed instructions on how to register non-owner-occupied properties, including the required forms, will be distributed. Failure to register rental properties as required may result in penalties, fines, and possible criminal prosecution.

Midterm Impact Report: Residents First Housing Agenda


Residents First Legislative Package   

Questions or concerns regarding property registration and the upcoming changes? Please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Housing, Records Administration at (216) 664-2825 or email the team at