Department of Public Works

Frank Williams - Director of Public Works


With a mission to provide both Cleveland residents and visitors with activities that improve our quality of life, the Department of Public Works utilizes a proactive, sustainable approach to service.

The Department of Public Works is the City’s third-largest department, with over 1,100 dedicated employees serving Cleveland. The Department is responsible for core services, which each year includes picking up approximately 156,000 tons of waste, spreading an estimated 70,000 tons of salt onto icy roads, painting over 7,000 crosswalks, and providing over 49,000 vacant property service visits.

The Department also maintains City parks and parking lots all while facilitating various leisure opportunities for residents throughout each year.

The Department's main goals include:

  • Providing consistent, quality service
  • Maintaining both clean neighborhoods and safe streets and sidewalks for pedestrians, motorists, and visitors
  • Using a sustainable and proactive approach to provide services and recreational activities that improve the quality of life for Cleveland residents and visitors
  • Operate and maintain clean, accessible, vibrant public spaces for exploration, relaxation, and exercise, while connecting culturally diverse venues for sports, entertainment, and educational experiences

Traffic Advisories

W 130th, W 150th, E 45th, E 80th, E 101st , and Medina Ave. View details

St. Clair Ave to Lakeshore Blvd. View details

W 85th St to W 25th St. View details 

Nottingham Rd to Lake Erie. View details

E 105th St to E 101st St. View details

Woodland Ave to Chester Ave. View details

W 152nd St & Rosemary Ave. View details

Honeydale Ave & E 118th St. View details

E 120th St & Gray Ave. View details

Excess waste placed outside of the black/gray/blue cart, trash mixed with recycling in the blue cart, setting out waste or recycling earlier than 12:00 pm the day before pick-up is scheduled, or a failure to retrieve carts by 12:00 pm the day after collection.

  • Call 216.664.4744
  • Pay online
  • Pay by mail: City of Cleveland Parking Violations Bureau, P.O.Box 99939, Cleveland, OH 44199
  • Pay in-person: The Parking Violations Bureau, Cleveland Police Headquarters (1st Floor), 1300 Ontario St., Cleveland, OH 44113

Contact Water Pollution Control at 216.664.2513