Strategic Plan

Fiscal Years 2024-2034

In 2023, the Bibb Administration launched an organizational & strategic planning process to improve operations and service delivery of Cleveland City Hall over the course of the next 10 years. This strategic planning engaged City staff, leadership, Council, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders in every phase of the process. The results of this process include a new City purpose statement and guiding principles, 4 strategic focus areas, 54 initiatives or action items, and indicators of success. This plan presents a roadmap for City Hall to modernize City operations, empower City employees, enhance the user experience of City services, and secure our City's future finances.

Our Purpose

The overarching “why” and motivation for all of the organization’s work.

To inspire confidence by delivering reliable, efficient city services and creating the conditions for all members of our community to thrive.

Guiding Principles

Values that drive desired behaviors and describe “how” we will work together to get there.

Placing Clevelanders at the Center

Empowering Employees to Do Purposeful Work

Defining Clear and Pragmatic Objectives

Leading with Trust and Transparency  

Striving for Equity in All We Do

Embracing Change

Strategic Focus Areas

Opportunity areas that represent the most important things for the City to achieve over the next 10 years to realize its purpose.

Modernize and Optimize City Services

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and efficiency in the way we internally operate and deliver services to our community.

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Creating a positive and empowering workplace culture that embraces diversity and promotes inclusivity and collaboration.

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Transforming the way Clevelanders interact with City services, by providing a physical and virtual environment where accessing and utilizing City services becomes an intuitive and seamless experience.

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Establishing a solid financial foundation and enabling transformational investments by promoting fiscal discipline, tying funding decisions to results, and maximizing the use and maintenance of City assets

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The Strategic Plan

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