Strategic Focus Area


Improve the User Experience with Easy-To-Access City Services

This focus area embodies our commitment to transform the way Clevelanders interact with City services, providing a physical and virtual environment where accessing and utilizing City services becomes an intuitive and seamless experience for every resident across all services the City provides. Our initiatives aligned to this focus area will build upon the Performance focus area initiatives (which includes streamlining processes) by doubling down on the part of processes that interface with the general public. These customer-experience focused initiatives will be executed in tandem with efforts to eliminate red tape and simplify processes wherever possible.

Today, residents, businesses, and developers alike are frustrated with unclear process steps or “lost in the system.” Initiatives in this focus area build upon ongoing initiatives to reimagine service delivery in every way; this includes creating welcoming office and reception designs, streamlined “wayfinding” for City services, and enabling self-service options for getting information and conducting business. The new 311 system will serve as a preferred centralized intake of resident requests and concerns across a diverse set of City services.

Improving access to City services also requires improving awareness of resources across all communities regardless of how individuals access information, with the aim to meet our community members where they are. In order to achieve this, the City will have to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of legacy and new communications channels and improve its ability to get information out to residents who need it most.


I. City facilities are welcoming, accessible to all, and effectively connect people to services.

J. City Hall conducts community outreach through trusted messengers and a convenient variety of media (e.g., online, print) where residents routinely receive important information.

K. Customers have self-service options to obtain information and seamlessly do business with City Hall.

Measures of Success

icon% of customers who are “satisfied” with the digital self-service options

icon# of City services with digital self-service option

icon% of core City services available in multiple languages