Strategic Focus Area


Secure the City’s Future Finances

This focus area identifies opportunities to put the City of Cleveland on firm financial footing, allowing the City to make transformational investments by promoting fiscal discipline, tying funding decisions to results, and maximizing the use and maintenance of City assets.

The City of Cleveland, like other municipalities of its size, manages a variety of complex assets and funding streams. The City is unusual in that it also manages the region’s primary international airport and public utilities as administrative functions of the City in addition to its traditional municipal government responsibilities. The City also owns a large percentage of real estate through various departments and the City-operated land bank, which adds to complexities of financial management. Given the City’s broad responsibilities, it is essential that the City strategically manage its assets and cashflows.

Through these initiatives, the City strives to become an innovative leader for municipal financial management and secure the financial future of the City for generations to come.


L. The City formulates a forward-looking financial plan that addresses emerging needs through strategic decision-making.

M. The City implements a more strategic and results-focused budget process.

N. The City maximizes revenue from nontax sources by recovering service costs where possible, equitably enforcing fees and fines, securing grant funding, and maximizing income from public facilities.

O. The City innovates to improve productivity, promote sustainability, and manage risk.

Measures of Success

iconRecurring revenue from assets and other nontax sources

iconGeneral Obligation Bond Rating

iconNet revenue from City-owned properties