Community Relations Board

Angela D. Shute-Woodson, Board Director


The mission of the City of Cleveland’s Community Relations Board is to, “promote amicable relations among the racial and cultural groups within the community.
Representing the social, economic, and cultural interests of the community, the Community Relations Board was created in 1945 as the first such body in the country to be established by municipal ordinance. 

The Mayor serves as Chairman ex-officio of the Community Relations Board and appoints, with City Council's approval, 14 members to serve four (4)-year terms.  City Council also appoints two (2) of its members to serve two (2)-year terms.

2022-2023 Board Members

  • Reverend Dr. Charles P. Lucas, Chairman 
  • Councilman Kevin Bishop 
  • Sherry Bowman 
  • Roosevelt Coats 
  • Yasir Hamdallah 
  • John Horton 
  • Charles Lucas 
  • Daniel McNea
  • Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek 
  • Minister Roland Muhammad 
  • Gia-Hoe Ryan
  • Councilwoman Jasmin Santana 
  • Peter Whitt 
  • Waverly Willis 
  • Luis Gonzalez, Sr.

City Ordinance

Establishes the Community Relations Board (Sections 157.01-.04)

  • The Community Relations Board shall promote amicable relations among the racial and cultural and other groups within the community; take appropriate steps to deal with conditions which strain relationships; aid in the coordination of the activities of private organizations concerned with these relationships; assemble, analyze and disseminate authentic and factual data relating to interracial and other intergroup relationships. It shall have power to publish and distribute at public expense such factual material as it shall deem necessary or desirable.
  • The Board shall investigate on its own initiative any complaint, situation or occurrence which may strain relationships.
  • The Board shall coordinate its efforts to achieve its duties with those efforts of the Office of Equal Opportunity to carry out the duties set forth in Section 123.08 of these Ordinances.


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