Rental Properties

PLEASE NOTE: The due date for rental registration fees has been extended to May 30, 2024, and Certificates Approving Rental Occupancy must be obtained by September 1, 2024.

The following documentation is required to obtain a certificate of rental occupancy to rent in good standing with the city and be compliant with Residents First:

  • Local Agent-in-Charge:  For property owners outside of Cuyahoga or a contiguous county the appointment of a local-agent-in-charge who resides in the county, will now be required. We will provide an affidavit form that will need to be uploaded and signed by both the owner and the local agent acknowledging this relationship. The local agent can be held liable for any violations in place of the owner if the owner is unable to be located. A copy of a valid photo ID for both parties will need to be included.       

    Designation of Local Agent in Charge       
  • Lead Safe compliance:  Compliance with Cleveland’s lead safe ordinance is required for all rental units in the city.  Property owners must obtain a 2 year or 20 year certification. Any lead hazard control orders issued against the property must be corrected and closed and a lead safe certificate obtained.     
    Lead Safe Certification Application       
  • Violation Free:  In order to receive a certificate approving rental occupancy, your property cannot have open code violations.     
  • Compliant with fees:  Any outstanding fees or bills owed to the city must be paid in full.    
  • Property taxes current:  You must provide proof that your property taxes are paid in full or that you are on a payment plan with the County in good standing. To speak with the County Taxpayer Services about payment plan options, please call 216-443-7400, Select Option 1. Or visit sit the Cuyahoga County Treasurer's Office.    
  • LLC properties:  If your property is held in an LLC, you will need to submit proof that your LLC is registered in good standing with the Ohio Secretary of State.

For parcels with four or more rental units, the following are additional requirements:

  • Utilities paid for by the owner must be current:  If you, as the landlord of a multi-unit building, are paying for any of the utilities for the rental property, you will need to submit a current statement from the utility confirming that the account is paid current.   
  • HVAC Certification required annually:  Owners of multi-unit buildings are required to have the property’s HVAC system inspected annually by a licensed HVAC contractor. A form will be provided to you for this certification and must be returned each year with your annual registration.       

    HVAC Certification Form       

Questions or concerns regarding property registration and the upcoming changes? Please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Housing, Records Administration at (216) 664-2825 or email the team at