Department of Building & Housing

Forms & Resources

2014 Fee Update

Affidavit for Homeowner’s Permit

Affidavit of Local Agent in Charge

System Certification of Rental Unit Heating System (commercial 4 units or more)

Affidavit for Rental Registration Exemption

Amusement Devices Permit Application 2010

Board of Zoning Appeals

Certificate of Disclosure Application

Certification Qualifications Renewal

Citizen Access Portal

City Planning Commission

Climactic and Geographic Design Criteria

Complaint Intake Form

Contractor Registration Package

Drawings: When They Are Required for Permits

Electrical Contractor Registration Package

Electrical Permit and Fee Schedule

Evaluación de Plan y Plan de Tarifa de Permiso

Existing Use Certificate of Occupancy Policy

General Permit Fee Schedule

HVAC Contractor Registration Package

HVAC Permit and Fee Schedule

Inspection Sign-Off Form

Lead Safe Certification Application

Lead Safe Certification Exemption Affidavit

Lead Safe Rental Inspection Healthy Homes Initiative 2022

Lead Tip Sheet

OBC Construction Documents Submission Checklist

Online Permit Application Quick Guide

Permit Application: OBC Regulated Buildings

Permit Inspection Guidelines

Permit Requirements

Plumbing Contractor Registration Package

Plumbing Permit and Fee Schedule

Plumbing Permit Fee

Records Request Form

Rental Registration Online Payment Instructions

Rental Registration Payment and Application Form

Residential Building Permit Application 

Residential Systems Description Form

Sample Site Plan

Sewer Builder Contractor Registration Package

Site Plan Approval Policy

Site Plan Graph

Solicitud de Permiso para Edificios Regulados OBC

Solicitud de Permiso para Unidades de Vivienda de Familia

Solicitud Para Permiso Cableado Eléctrico y Sistemas

Solicitud para Permiso Plomería-Alcantarillado Y Tubería de Gas

Summary Inspection Report of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances

Temporary Tent Permit Guidelines