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Pothole Damage Claim Form

Street Repair

This program provides road maintenance services to eliminate hazardous conditions and extend the life of newly resurfaced streets in order to save taxpayer money. It provides for the repair of utility openings, potholes, the sealing of surface cracks in the street, and the maintenance of brick streets.

Street Cleaning

The Division of Streets promotes a clean appearance and provides safe road conditions by cleaning streets and removing debris and litter from the roadway. 

The Division’s Street Cleaning Program allows for both local residential streets and main streets to be swept three (3) times per year - weather permitting. Sweeping is conducted from April until October and residents are notified with the posting of signs 24-hours before the sweeping begins.

Illegal Dumping


Contractors, haulers, and individuals dump tons of debris and hazardous waste in vacant lots, abandoned homes, roadsides, and alleys. The cCity has a list of steps individuals may take to protect their health and environment and perhaps earn a monetary reward.

Snow Removal and Emergencies

When snowfall reaches at least a half inch (0.5”), the Division of Streets begins plowing and salting main streets. Clearing of residential streets is determined by weather conditions and forecasts. Generally, an accumulation above two inches (2”) involves salting and plowing, and less accumulation involves salting only. 

Graffiti Removal Program

For City-owned bridges, buildings, docks, guardrails, pools, and roads, this program ensures the removal of graffiti by City employees and volunteers. It enforces anti-graffiti ordinances and educates the public, especially children and community groups, about the negative aspects of graffiti.

Guardrail Repair

This program is charged with protecting the public through guard rail repair on the City's streets and highways.