Division of Emergency Medical Service

Department of Public Safety


As one of the country’s first Emergency Medical Service (EMS) divisions, Cleveland EMS  responds to 9-1-1 calls for medical emergencies. 

We provide residents with urgent pre-hospital treatment, stabilization, and transport, maximizing survival rates among the critically sick and injured.

Cleveland EMS is staffed with professionals that run advanced life support ambulances, handling thousands of emergency calls every year. 

The Division’s emergency medical personnel receive extensive education, training, and performance evaluations to ensure that  individuals receive quality pre-hospital medical care in times of need.


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To work in an ambulance, a current National Registry or State of Ohio Emergency Medical Technician - Basic Certification is required. For more information, contact the EMS Recruitment Section at 216.664.6009.

The Division of Assessments and Licenses handles billing for EMS services and can be contacted at 216.664.2260 or via mail at 601 Lakeside, Room 122, Cleveland, OH 44114.

Describe the emergency and where the ambulance is needed. Be prepared to answer questions about the situation or person(s) involved. Answering questions does not delay the ambulance and will allow the dispatcher to tell you how you can help while the ambulance is on its way.