Department of Human Resources

Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the Human Resources Policies and Procedures section of our city's website. As an integral part of our commitment to transparency, accountability, and providing a conducive work environment, this section serves as a comprehensive resource outlining the policies and procedures governing our workforce.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to best practices means that these policies are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the evolving needs of our organization and the workforce.

As we embark on the journey towards a more modernized and employee-friendly handbook, we've organized this section into two parts for your convenience: HR Policies & Procedures: Sections A-C and the HR New & Revised Policy Section.

HR Policies & Procedures: Sections A-C: This encompasses the existing policies and procedures that guide our city employees.

HR New & Revised Policy Section: Here, you'll find the latest and revised policies currently in transition to the new HR handbook.

Should you not find a specific policy in Sections A-C, a notation will guide you to the New & Revised Policy Section.

Ohio Ethics, Fraud Reporting & Whistleblower information: Valuable information is detailed in this section as our mission in accordance with ethical guidelines is to ensure the community and our employees understand our state Ethic Laws, Fraud Reporting and Whistleblower processes.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate through this transformative process. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey.

Ohio Ethics, Fraud Reporting & Whistleblower Information

For additional resources on Ethics Law Facts, please review the City of Cleveland's Ethics Office.