Department of Human Resources

Department Services

Human Resources is committed to providing quality, uniform, and cost effective services to City employees in the following key areas:

Develop, implement, and administer work policies and procedures applicable to City of Cleveland employees. Implement affirmative action and equal employment policies and procedures throughout the City of Cleveland. Ensure that the hiring processes comply with collective bargaining agreements and civil service rules. Serve as point of contact for federal and state agencies, municipalities, local businesses, outside agencies seeking employment, and statistical data concerning the City of Cleveland’s workforce; processing questionnaires, surveys and request for information.  Assist departments in filling vacancies by providing qualified candidates and ensuring compliance with EEO principles and guidelines.

Drive and manage all recruitment efforts and processes for the City of Cleveland; assist Department in achieving staffing levels. Facilitate hiring processes in accordance with Civil Service Commission rules and collective bargaining agreements.

Administer the City’s medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, life insurance, and supplemental insurance programs for all eligible employees through cost-effective health care plans. Maintain federal compliance for HIPAA/COBRA regulations.

The Department of Human Resources’ Wellness Section promotes a culture of well-being that supports and encourages a more holistic way of living, which motivates our employees and their families to embrace a more well-being lifestyle. Our goals are to: improve work performance, increase accountability, reduce absenteeism and decrease healthcare cost!

The Wellness Works! Program is a set of voluntary activities, programs and environmental support designed to help you meet health and wellness needs.

The primary objective of the program is to seek to increase awareness of positive health behaviors, to motivate employees and their families to voluntarily adopt a more well-being behavior that provides opportunities and supportive environment to foster positive lifestyle changes.

The Elements of these programs include but are not limited to educational programming, events, physical activity opportunities, lifestyle counseling, and preventive care screenings.

They address a wide range of well-being needs, such as:

  • Tobacco cessation
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Weight management
  • Support for nursing mothers
  • Stress management
  • Mental Health
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases

Provides consultation, training & organizational development tools and services to City of Cleveland employees through education, research and programming. Oversees the City of Cleveland’s Student Internship Program which introduces student interns to a career in public service and promotes interest in working for the City. Responsible for the development of the Performance Management program which monitors and evaluates the work and achievements of employees. Supports departments, boards and commissions by providing opportunities for employee growth and development to ensure a workforce that delivers high quality services.

Provide leadership and oversight for the City of Cleveland in the negotiation, enforcement and administration of collective bargaining agreements as well as compliance with City of Cleveland policies and procedures. Investigate and resolve labor disputes. Investigate complaints of discrimination, harassment, workplace violence and expedite resolution. Provide trainings as required. Compile and monitor data within City of Cleveland departments for EEO compliance and reporting. Administer the reasonable accommodation processes under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII for all City departments. Monitor and appeal disputed unemployment compensation claims.

Develop, implement and modifies system requirements. Oversee and maintain internal database files, tables, codes, security for employees, and credentialing system. Install, modify, and upgrade software applications to meet business needs. Develop customized reports for city departments/divisions.