Building & Housing

The Department of Building and Housing registers building contractors, inspects all new and major rehabilitation construction, and provides nuisance abatement to condemned properties. The Director's office supervises and manages the Code Enforcement, Construction Permitting, and Records Administration Divisions.

The Department of Building and Housing is continuing to accept on-line permits.

  • Exterior Wall and Appurtenances Inspections Required for Some Buildings

    The Cleveland Codified Ordinance 3143.02 requires facade and exterior wall inspections on certain buildings including those which are taller than five stories and 75 feet, and those which are older than 30 years. Inspections must be performed by qualified inspectors. 

  • Important Notice for Homeowners and Registered Contractors

    State and Local requirements dictate the assessment of fees as they relate to construction permits within the Department of Building and Housing.

  • Online Permit Application Quick Guide Now Available

    The Building & Housing Online Permit Application Quick Guide is now available.

  • Drawings are required to obtain a permit. Visit the permit guide for details.
  • Contractors and do-it-yourselfers are responsible for scheduling inspections by calling the office number listed on the permit. more...