Division of Records Administration

Lead Safe Certification

Mission Statement

To assure that all existing and new structures in the City of Cleveland are maintained and constructed in a safe and habitable manner through enforcement of the Building and Zoning Codes, pursuant to the review of plans, issuance of permits and inspection of property. 

Lead Certification the Importance of Lead Safe Living

Lead is a neurotoxin that adversely impacts human health. It is particularly dangerous to children and cause developmental delays and impediments that result in significantly reduced academic performance, increased juvenile justice involvement, and other lifelong consequences. Because of the age of Cleveland’s housing stock and the disinvestment in it, children growing up in Cleveland are particularly susceptible to lead poisoning and its negative consequences. Recognizing this, Cleveland City Council in 2019 passed legislation that requires owners of rental property in the City to prove that their dwelling units are safe from lead hazards. 

How to Certify Your Property

Property owners or their agents must engage an independent contractor to perform a lead inspection on their property. The Lead Safe Ordinance allows for two types of inspection: either a Lead Clearance Examination or a Lead Risk Assessment Inspection. It is up to the property owner and their service provider to determine the most suitable inspection type for their property. Following inspection, the inspection report along with the Lead Safe Certificate Application form (see Resources below) must be submitted to the City of Cleveland Department of Building and Housing.

Application packets may be submitted via email to LeadCertCLE@Clevelandohio.gov or via postal mail to: 

City of Cleveland 
Building and Housing Lead Compliance Program
65 Erieview Plaza
Suite 105
Cleveland, OH 44114 

Applications must be submitted (email send date or postmarked) no later than 90 days after the inspection date. Email submissions are preferred.

There is no fee for application and certification must be renewed every two years from the date of initial certification.