Office of Capital Projects


Capital Projects Frequently Asked Questions

Property owners are responsible for repair and replacement, but may receive City assistance. The City may pay for a portion of the cost, and will remove City tree roots, if necessary.

For information on sidewalk programs, see the Bureau of Sidewalks and Permits or call 216.664.2474.

For information on sidewalk permits and repairs, see Bureau of Sidewalks and Permits Fact Sheet or call 216.664.2747.

For further information on tree roots, see Urban Forestry or call 216.664.3104.

Flowable fill is a self-compacting, cementous material used as backfill in place of compacted granular material. It is made from cement, fly ash, fine aggregate (sand) and water.

Flowable fill does not have to be ordered at a high slump (8"-10"). A lower slump could be used to stabilize the extension. After that, the slump can be increased.

The contractor should notify the owner of the utility to wrap the pipe.

Flowable fill is used under trolley tracks to fill voids created by tunneling. It is more compact than granular backfill.