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Current Monthly Parkers can make a payment online. Monthly payments can be made online for existing monthly parkers. 

West Side Market Parking FAQ

Beginning June 7, West Side Market's parking lots are moving to a gateless system. This allows for seamless entry and exit and alleviates traffic congestion on Lorain Avenue.

Congestion at the entry and exit to the lots is a frequently cited problem with West Side Market visitors, especially during weekends. Gateless parking lots maximize entry and exit efficiency and reduce traffic congestion on major streets that feed the parking lots, especially Lorain. Gateless parking models have already been implemented in many other highly visited Cleveland neighborhoods, and in the surrounding suburbs.

Parking in West Side Market lots is free for the first 60 minutes during West Side Market hours.

After 60 minutes, the hourly rate is $1.50 + tax, with a daily maximum of $12.

The lots are open access. You simply drive in and park without stopping at any gate. 

The lots have well-marked payment signage. To select your planned duration to park, you scan the code on the signage with a smart phone, or text or call the number posted. You enter your license plate number and select the time you expect to be in the lot and make a payment directly from your phone. The first 60 minutes are free.

If you exceed your paid parking time, you will receive a prompt on your phone, which allows you to purchase extra time. 

If West Side Market is open: no you do not need to scan, text, or call if you intend to park for less than 60 minutes.

When West Side Market is closed, parking is $1.50 + tax per hour, with a daily maximum of $12. Outside of West Side Market hours, all guests of the lots must make payment arrangements via scan, text, or call.

You don’t need a smart phone – any phone will work! You may call or text the number provided on the signage to provide your license plate number and payment info. The first 60 minutes of parking are free during West Side Market hours. If you know someone who is a frequent shopper of the Market, does not own a phone, and typically parks for more than 60 minutes, the CPMC team can work with them directly to assist with this parking transition.

Questions? Contact info@westsidemarket.org or 216-293-9830.