Office of Equal Opportunity

Prevailing Wage Compliance

The Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) oversees contract compliance and provides guidance for the following prevailing wage laws: 

  • Ohio Revised Code 4115 for Local and/or State Funded Construction Projects 
  • Davis-Bacon for Federally Funded Construction Projects

Local and/or State-Funded Prevailing Wage Laws

Jobsite Posters

Jobsite posters are completed by the City prior to being distributed to Contractors, who must complete the poster prior to laminating. Posters must be kept current as wages and/or fringes change. These include the WD-10 Report of the construction contractor’s required Wage Rates, a Project Wage Rate Sheet and/or Wage Rate Information (FHWA 1495). Contractors must complete each form online before printing at least three (3) copies for recordkeeping, the City OEO, and to post at each job site.

The City of Cleveland recommends that posters be printed in color and laminated. Law requires that the bulletin board and/or posters are located in a prominent and readily accessible area where employees gather to start work on and/or during breaks. By law, posters need to be stored in a weatherproof, watertight location and remain there throughout the entirety of the contract/project.

Laminated posters should be displayed in a traditional “Open House”-style literature holder or container. These may be attached to poles, working vans, and/or trucks. All employees must be informed of the location of the poster.

City of Cleveland Construction Site Poster Checklist


Electronic Submittal of Certified Payroll

Contractors are required to submit Certified Payrolls on a weekly basis (Federal) and biweekly (State) online through LCPtracker. When a project is awarded, the City will set up the project in the LCPtracker system and provide the prime contractor (general contractor) with a log-in and password. In addition, subcontractors will be assigned log-ins and passwords. 

This paperless submittal is not optional. Paper payrolls submitted to OEO will be returned, and the contractors will have to enter them into the online system to ensure payment of submitted invoices.

Computer and Internet Access

The contractor will need a computer and internet access for LCPtracker. For contractors without these resources, the prime contractor of each project will provide the computer and equipment necessary to submit payrolls electronically. Public computers are available at most public libraries. In addition, the Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity has a dedicated computer with internet access for contractors to use.

Training Opportunities

Free online B2Gnow and LCPtracker training classes and video are available. Download the Training Handout