Division of Assessments & Licenses

Emergency Medical Services Billing


The EMS Billing Department collects payments and generates healthcare claims on behalf of the patients when ambulance services are provided by the Department of Emergency Medical Service. These are services that originate solely from 9-1-1 calls for health emergencies. The EMS Billing Department reviews the services rendered during the ambulance transport and assigns the appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes along with their corresponding fees. The department submits claims to the applicable medical insurance or guarantor where appropriate. Patients will be billed for any balance not covered by their insurance carrier and if the patient is uninsured, they will billed for the entire amount. 

While we do charge everyone for these services regardless of residency, anyone having a true medical emergency should call 9-1-1 without worry of billing. Billing will take place after the emergency has been cared for. Patients who do not have the means to pay for ambulance transports may apply for financial assistance. Eligibility for, or Approval of financial assistance is based on family size and the current year’s Federal Poverty Guideline. An application and supporting documentation are required, please call our office to learn more about the financial assistance program. 

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