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Board up, demolition, weed cutting, residential waste exemptions216.664.2242
Payment Processing216.664.3875




Residential Waste Collection Fee Exemption Form

Division of Waste Collection & Recycling

Property Title Lien Request Form

To request a list of outstanding invoices on a property that have not been sent to the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer for inclusion on property taxes. The Property title Lien Request Form is housed in City Services Billing’s Forms and Publications Section. 


At City Services Billing, we provide accurate and timely billing services to other City departments. This work ensures optimal revenue collections for some of the services the City provides that help maintain property values, public safety and health within the City of Cleveland. We provide responsive and courteous customer service to the public and foster communications between all parties that we interact with.

We manage the billing and collection programs for numerous city-wide services.  

Working cooperatively with servicing departments, we invoice and collect revenues for the following: board-up, demolition, vacant property cleanup, commercial waste collections, criminal nuisance abatement, police and fire false alarms.

Annually, we report and certify open Assessments to the County Auditor for tax purposes.  

We also manage the registration process for Police & Fire alarms for businesses and private residences, and administer the Residential Waste collection exemptions program.