Department of Aging

Resources for Veterans

National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

Available 24/7. Veterans complete an intake application to be connected to local resources. The service is free and confidential. 

Learn More Call (877) 424-3838

Volunteers of America

Provides veterans with housing counseling, personal financial  assistance, health care referrals, help with childcare, legal aid, transportation, and daily living needs.

Learn More Call (614) 253-6100

Veteran Service Commission

1849 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115

Provides financial assistance to Veterans to cover rent or mortgage payments, including security deposits.  There is a financial assistance application to complete, which can be found on the website linked below.

Learn More Call (216) 698-2632

American Legions (various locations)

Veterans must be homeless in order to receive emergency temporary service, including  temporary placement  in a hotel. 

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1240 E 9th St, Ste 923, Cleveland, OH216.522.3504
3935 E 42nd St, Newburgh Hts., OH216.271.9792
19311 Lorain Rd, Cleveland, OH440.356.2110
15521 Broadway Ave, Maple Hts., OH216.662.7768
695 Cahoon Rd, Westlake, OH440.871.5156
20750 Arbor Ave, Euclid, OH216.5311.5344

Benefits and Advocacy / Support Services

1240 E 9th St, Rm 1017B, Cleveland, OH 44199

Provides veterans and their dependents with guidance in  understanding VA benefits and  submitting claim forms while both  providing  forms and forwarding claims.  

Learn More Call (216) 522-3507

Tragedy Assistance for Survivors

3033 Wilson Blvd, Ste 630, Arlington, VA 22201

Provides those who have suffered the loss of a military service member with assistance in understanding and obtaining survivor benefits through case management.

Learn More Call (800) 959-8277

Ohio National Guard- Troop and Family Assistance

5990 Airport Dr NW, North Canton, OH 44270

Provides information and referrals for services that would benefit service members and their families (includes all military branches).

Learn More Call (800) 589-9914, Ext 1

Frontline Services

1736 Superior Ave, 3rd Floor, Cleveland, OH 44114

Provides re-housing assistance, case management, and community benefits & services. Services may include rental deposit assistance, rent payments, transportation assistance, utility payments, clothing, furniture, and supply needs.

Learn More Call (216) 674-6700

Education Resources for Veterans

Cuyahoga Community College - Veteran services
2900 Community College Ave, Ste 501B, Cleveland, OH 44115

Provides assistance for veterans who are students accessing school services and working toward achieving their educational goals.  Individuals may also receive assistance with applying for veterans’ educational financial aid, tutoring for success, and educational accommodations for those with disabilities.

Learn More Call (216) 987-3193

John Carrol University – Veteran Program

1 John Carroll Way, Rodman Hall, 2nd Floor, University Heights, OH 44118

Provides eligible student veterans the opportunity to attend classes nearly tuition-free.  Scholarships are available for undergraduate or graduate tuition not covered by the student veteran’s GI Bill.

Learn More Call (216) 397-4588