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Created to serve as a connection for older adults to job assistance programs, the goal of our age-friendly initiative is to help residents live and age well in the City of Cleveland. Income security is essential for aging well. For many, aging well includes the sense of purpose that comes from employment and civic engagement and the opportunity to continue to develop skills.

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The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a paid community service and work- based training program. Eligible job seekers aged 55+ receive service-based training at local non-profit and public organizations.

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Encore envisions a community that thrives from the rewards of lifelong work experiences gained by individuals 50+.

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As one of the largest minority-focused organizations in the country, NCBA provides programs and services including employment training through its Senior Environmental Employment Program and Senior Community Service Employment Program. 

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Ohio Means Jobs offers a variety of services and resources to help prepare job seekers for the workforce with the goal of helping them to be successful. Employment specialists provide assistance with resume writing, applications, job searching, and, at times, training and supportive services.


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In order to provide superior customer service, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport implemented an Airport Ambassador Volunteer Program. The program allows volunteers — many of whom have had successful careers in a variety of fields — to provide information and assistance to travelers and their families, friends, and business associates as they visit Cleveland.

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The Greater Cleveland Volunteers connect people 18 years and over to volunteer opportunities throughout Cuyahoga County based on their interests, skills, and availability. 

Volunteers host programs focused on engaging older adults in service. RSVP engages adults, aged 55+ as volunteers for critical community needs such as hunger, job preparedness, access to health care, housing, and disaster services. The AARP Experience Corps program provides literacy tutors (aged 50+) to 1,000 K-3 students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

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Volunteers are crucial to all operations of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, whether in traditional roles or using special skills to support administrative functions or special projects. In 2021, more than 6,000 volunteers contributed more than 75,000 hours of service to the Food Bank, saving more than $1.9 million in salaries and benefits and allowing for additional food to be provided to our agencies and clients. 

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Court Watch representatives are the “watchdogs" of the community because they help victims and neighbors monitor court cases while establishing a visible presence during trials. Court Watch gives Clevelanders the opportunity to learn how the criminal justice system works, who the judges are, and what sentences are imposed.

Court Watch recruits and trains community volunteers to attend hearings and trials. These volunteers report basic information and give impressions of the performances of judges and prosecutors.

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The Division of Animal Care and Control greatly relies on volunteers through the CITY DOGS Cleveland program – opportunities include walking dogs, distributing tasty treats, fostering, running and hiking with dogs, adoption counseling, and more. Volunteers help keep the dogs happy and healthy while they are waiting for loving homes. All interested in volunteering must attend a New Volunteer Information Session, with times posted on the CITY DOGS Facebook page as they are scheduled.

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Friends of CITY DOGS Cleveland is a 501.c.3, volunteer- run organization established in April 2020 with the mission of providing the animals taken in by Cleveland Animal Care and Control (CACC) with medical care and enrichment during their time at the kennel, preparing them for adoption into loving homes, and creating opportunities for potential adopters to get to know them as the great family members they were meant to be. Friends of CITY DOGS Cleveland is CACC’s primary fundraising partner. CACC is the exclusive beneficiary of the Friends’ fundraising efforts. For more information and to donate to Friends of CITY DOGS Cleveland, visit the Friends of CITY DOGS website

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A number of openings exist for volunteers at City Recreation Centers, for those with experience in the arts, education, life skills, sports, computers, nutrition, and mind-body practices. The need is ongoing and citywide.