Department of Aging

Financial Assistance

Economic Security Project (ESP)

ESP services assist with money management, reducing credit card debt, reviewing mortgage payments, covering out-of-pocket health care maintenance needs, securing public assistance, and exploring employment options.

One-on-one case management services are provided to assess economic situations and help achieve financial goals.

Ohio Homestead Exemption Program

Low-income seniors along with permanently and totally disabled Cleveland homeowners may be eligible for reduced property tax bills through the Homestead Exemption Program. The exemption, which takes the form of a credit on property tax bills, allows qualifying homeowners to exempt up to $25,000 of the market value of their homes from all local property taxes. For example, through the Homestead Exemption, a home with a market value of $100,000 is billed as if it is worth $75,000.

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Water and Sewer Bill Discount Programs

Cleveland Water offers discount programs to assist income-eligible customers with the cost of their water bill.

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Homestead Program

The Homestead Discount Program offers a lower fixed charge and consumption rate. To qualify for the Homestead Discount Program, customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 65 years or older, or totally and permanently disabled;
  • Own and live in their property; and
  • Meet income guidelines.

Water Affordability Program

The Water Affordability Program offers a 40% discount on all standard water charges. This includes both the monthly fixed charge and the consumption charge. To qualify for the program, a customer must own and live at the service address provided in the application and have a total household income at or below the current income guidelines, which are based on 200% of the annual Federal Poverty Level guidelines.

Please contact CHN Housing Partners for more information and to apply.

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Summer Sprinkling Program

The Summer Sprinkling Program is offered by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and is only applied to your sewer bill . During the summer months, customers tend to use more water and so, under this program, summer bills are based on your average winter water consumption, unless actual summer water consumption is lower. 

The program is in effect each year from May 1 to September 30. To qualify you must own and occupy a one (1), two (2), three (3) or four (4) family home. If you are currently enrolled in the program, it will be stated on your current sewer bill and you do not need to reapply. To apply, contact the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

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HEAP Home Energy Assistance Program and Summer Crisis Program

The Department of Aging assists seniors with the application process for this service, which is a federally funded program administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Assistance. It is designed to help eligible low-income Ohioans meet the high cost of home heating. 

For those eligible, the amount of the one-time HEAP benefit will depend on federal funding levels, how many people live in a home, total household income, and the primary heating fuel used. In most cases, the one-time benefit will be a credit applied by the utility company (or fuel vendor). This program is made possible with a grant from the Ohio Department of Aging through the Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging.

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Dominion Energy Assistance Programs

Residents using Dominion East Ohio as their gas supplier may be eligible for special payment assistance programs. Shutoffs may be delayed if they are life-threatening to the health of a household member. Individuals may also qualify for assistance if they meet income guidelines. Dominion East Ohio asks that customers call them as soon as a delinquent notice is received.

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CHN Housing Partners Financial Counseling

2999 Payne Ave, Ste 134, Cleveland OH 44114

The housing and financial counselors at CHN Housing Partners will work with you on all of your financial needs — from completing your tax return and reducing your debt to improving your credit or saving for a big purchase. Services are free of charge.

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