Winter and Holiday Preparedness

Conducting a live burn demonstration of a Christmas tree and showcasing one of Cleveland dogs housed at the City’s Kennel, Cleveland’s Department of Public Safety officials held a winter preparedness event to encourage residents and visitors to utilize safety precautions for this year’s winter and holiday season. The Division of Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Animal Control Services representatives gave brief remarks on ways to stay safe, which includes: 

What everyone needs to know!

Signing up for the CodeRED Alert

  • CodeRED is an emergency alert notification used by the City of Cleveland to alert people of anything from emergency situations due to weather to non-emergency situations like traffic delays due to vehicle accidents.
  • The advantages to signing up for CodeRED are many including the fact that it is a good safety tool during periods when the weather is unpredictable.
  • The City urges everyone (residents, visitors, and those who work but do not live in Cleveland) to sign up for CodeRED.
  • Sign up for CodeRED
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