Street Club Leaders

Recently, Mayor Frank G. Jackson and City of Cleveland Chief of Police Calvin D. Williams gathered with community leaders and Cleveland residents at the 2015 Street Club Leaders Conference held at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) on Community College Avenue in Cleveland.

This year’s Street Club Leaders Conference provided updates regarding public safety concerns in the City of Cleveland; discussed the consent decree agreement by the City and the Department of Justice; and, explain how resources are distributed in Cleveland. City of Cleveland’s speakers also included the Directors of the Community Relations Board, Blaine Griffin, and the Law Department, Barbra Langhenry, along with Cleveland Division of Police Commander Ellis Johnson. Attendees also included Cleveland City Councilpersons Zack Reed (Ward 2), Mamie Mitchell (Ward 6) and Matt Zone (Ward 15). Additionally, training information was provided for residents wishing to learn how to start a street club.  

Street Club meetings, like this one held at the Tri-C’s Metropolitan Campus, serves as informational gathering places for neighborhoods to come together to address concerns and assess their needs for community resources and awareness programs. In addition, these meetings help build community involvement, strengthen neighborhoods and are used as a forum to facilitate community members’ input. In this forum setting, residents working together to organize and improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods can exchange ideas, share their vision for their community’s growth and development and can also help make a difference by maintaining a safe and attractive community when they join together to form street clubs in their neighborhoods.

Clare Walters