Mayor Jackson Swears-In Fred Szabo as Interim Director of the Department of Port Control

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CLEVELAND – Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson administered the oath of office to Fred S. Szabo, who will serve as the city’s new Interim Director of Port Control. This position manages the operations of the Department of Port Control, which includes Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Burke Lakefront Airport, and the city’s lakefront properties.

Mr. Szabo is a senior Government Administrator with 37 years of experience in executive management. He has served in leadership positions at the Departmental and Division level and has held a variety of staff positions. Since 2001, Mr. Szabo has served as the Commissioner of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport where he manages all daily airport operations including the implementation of Federal Security Directives and Federal Aviation Administration Regulatory Directives.

Prior to his role as Commissioner, Mr. Szabo served in many leadership and staff positions with the Department of Public Safety including Assistant Director of Public Safety, Acting Commissioner of Cleveland Emergency Medical Services, and Administrator of the Office of Professional Standards. Mr. Szabo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from Bowling Green State University and has pursued a Master of Public Administration degree from Cleveland State University.