Division of Engineering & Construction

ROW Permits & Sidewalks


The Bureau of Sidewalks and Permits assures proper maintenance of the City’s public sidewalks; issues citations, violation notifications, and permits; and administers two sidewalk repair programs.

Property owners with damaged sidewalks may be issued notifications from this Bureau for repairs which are needed to eliminate non-compliant aprons, curbs, & sidewalks.

Resource Links

PeTBOT(Planning, Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Bureau of Traffic) (request review of conceptual / schematic design)

Division of Assessments & Licenses (Submit permit requests)

Accela (view permits)

50/50 Sidewalk Residential Replacement Program


Weekdays 8:00 am to 4:00 pm  
601 Lakeside Ave, Room 518

The 50/50 sidewalk repair program was designed to encourage the repair of non-compliant sidewalks, aprons, & curbs. The City of Cleveland partners with residents and each pays 50% of the total cost to have the sidewalks repaired. Construction typically opens every spring; however, the city’s matching funds are limited, and the program closes when all City funds allocated have been exhausted.

Please send us your address and contact info to the email above to request a cost estimate.