Mobile Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking fees can be paid by coin at the single space meter, by downloading the ParkMobile app, text Park to 77223, or pay online at The ways to pay are conveniently located on the meter and on signage near your parking space.

The ParkMobile app is a free download available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store or you can use the mobile web version of the app at

Setting up the ParkMobile app is a quick and easy process. First, you create an account with an email address and password. Then you add your vehicles(s) and payment method(s). Once you have completed those steps, you are ready to start using the ParkMobile app.

Once you have downloaded the ParkMobile app and set up your account, enter the zone number listed on the stickers and signs located on the meter and poles adjacent to the area where you have parked, into the app. Select the amount of time you would like to park, your vehicle, and the payment method. Then touch the “Start Parking” button to begin your parking session. You will see a countdown clock showing how much time is remaining in your parking session.

Yes, as long as you have a cell phone, you can call into ParkMobile’s interactive voice response service (IVR) and set up an account. Once you have an account with ParkMobile, you can call 1-877-727-5009 and make a payment over the phone.

No, if you use the mobile web application at, you do not have to create an account and you can check out as a guest.

You can chat directly with the ParkMobile Customer Care Team in the ParkMobile App through “chat support” after selecting the settings tab. You can also get assistance online at

The zone number identifies a specific parking area. The zone number is required to start your parking session. You can find the zone number located on stickers and signage on the meter where you parked.

The Zone number uniquely identifies where you are parked, so entering in the wrong number could result in receiving a citation. Please remember to verify that you are using the zone number on the sign or meter where you parked your vehicle before starting your parking session.

Once you start a parking session, the information will be recorded in the parking system. Enforcement officers will look up all license plates paid within a zone. It is always important to verify the zone number where you are parked and your license plate in the app before you start the parking session. A parking session cannot be adjusted once confirmed.

Yes, after you pay for the first car, go back into the app and start another parking session for the other vehicle(s). Make sure you select the correct license plate for the other car you are paying for before starting the parking session. Note, you can pay for up to five different vehicles at any one time.

In most locations, you can extend your parking time up to the maximum allowed for the parking space. For example, if you are parking in a space that allows for a maximum of 2 hours of parking, you can pay for one hour, then extend up to one additional hour. You cannot extend past the maximum time allowed.

Once you start a parking session, you cannot change the zone number in the app. If you accidentally entered the wrong zone number, you should immediately start another parking session with the correct zone number.

Call the Parking Violations Bureau and request an in-person hearing or complete an ex parte form. State the circumstances in your own words. Make sure you provide your name, telephone number, address, date issued, citation number, zone, license number, violation number, and ticket amount. Contest your ticket online at or call 216 664-4744.

No, you can use the same account and the same app everywhere ParkMobile is available throughout the United States.

In the ParkMobile app, touch the "Settings" icon in the main navigation, then select "Notifications." From this section, you can enable, disable, and customize your settings for email, text, and push notifications.

Parking rates remain the same. Standard rates are $1.00 per hour, maximum session of two hours unless otherwise stated on posted signage. Institutional areas are $.75 per hour, maximum session of four hours unless otherwise stated on posted signage.