Department of Port Control


Port Control FAQs

The City of Cleveland owns and operates Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) and Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL). Both airports comprise the Cleveland Airport System. The airports are operated in accordance with all FAA regulations.

There are approximately 9,000 on-airport jobs. The Cleveland Airport System directly employs approximately 400 employees at the airports.

A large portion of total flights were made by small, single-engine planes based at the airport and by helicopters, such as those used by TV news. There are four flight schools at Burke,

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, in downtown Cleveland, Burke Lakefront Airport is at 1501 North Marginal Road.

The Cleveland Airport System is an enterprise fund of the City of Cleveland, meaning that it is a self-sustaining operation. As such, all revenues earned by the airport must be spent solely for airport purposes. No local tax dollars are used to fund any projects or operations at the airport. The airport is funded by non-aviation related revenues (i.e., concessions and parking), aviation revenues (i.e., rents and landing fees), and federal grants. 

Yes, If you are interested in joining our community of businesses at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport or Burke Lakefront Airport, call 216-265-6053