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For victims of crimes who are pursuing criminal charges, the City Prosecutor’s Office exists to provide guidance throughout the criminal justice process.

After Filing a Police Report

  • After a police report has been filed with the Division of Police (link available here), you may call the City Prosecutor’s Office at 216.664.4850 to reserve a spot on our intake list. One of our Investigators will set up an appointment with you to gather evidence and take your statement regarding the crime.
  • The Investigator will present the information, including your statement, witness statements, and evidence, to a City Prosecutor who will decide whether or not to pursue charges at that point in time.
  • If the Prosecutor decides to pursue charges, the Investigator will create a charging packet with instructions for the victim. Charges are filed on the third (3rd)floor.
  • A Prosecutor assigned to each case will reach out to the victim(s) and inform them on any updates on the case as it proceeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

A police report number is required to secure a spot on our intake list, and any evidence in the victim’s possession should also be provided at this time.

For victims of a crime, the healing process looks different for everyone. Some do not want to see criminal charges pressed against the offender, only to have monetary compensation for the damages that occurred. Consult a private attorney or Small Claims Court to explore a Civil claim.

The City of Cleveland Prosecutor’s Office does not issue Protection or Restraining Orders. In the state of Ohio, parties may apply for a Civil Protection Order. Charges do not need to be filed to obtain a Civil Protection Order (CPO). One may be obtained with paperwork available at the Cuyahoga County Clerk’s Office located on the first (1st) Floor of the Justice Center. Or, contact the Family Justice Center to speak to an advocate who can help walk those interested through the process of applying for a CPO. 

Misdemeanor Citizen Complaints and Investigations/ Intake

Weekdays 8:00 am to 2:00 pm - Prosecutor's Office, 1200 Ontario St., 8th floor

Those who have been the victim of a crime and want to file a citizen complaint against an individual should engage in the following steps: 

  1. A criminal incident should be reported to the City of Cleveland Division of Police in the district for which the incident occurred. A police report should be obtained with a police report number. 
  2. The victim may then contact the Prosecutor's Office on a weekday, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm to schedule an intake appointment. 
  3. To request an intake appointment, contact us at 216. 664.4850. 

Upon having an appointment scheduled, a misdemeanor Investigator will conduct an interview to gather information. The Investigator will then consult with a Prosecutor, who will decide whether or not to issue charges. If charges are not issued, the complainant may be referred to other public agencies. In addition to assisting citizens who are seeking prosecution, our office also offers mediation services for parties who are seeking resolutions to minor offenses when deemed appropriate.

Local Resources

Cuyahoga County Witness/Victim Service Center(216) 443-7325
Domestic Relations Court Domestic Violence Dept(216) 698-8529
Legal Aid Society of Cleveland(216) 687-1900
Al-Anon / Alateen Cleveland(216) 621-1381
Journey Center For Safety and Healing (formerly: DVCAC)(216) 391-4357 (HELP)
Recovery Resources(216) 431-4131
Frontline Services(216) 623-6555
Cleveland Rape Crisis Center(216) 619-6194
Cuyahoga County Human Trafficking Task Force(216) 443-6085
Catholic Charities(216) 334-2900
Asian Inc.(216) 881-0330
LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland(216) 651-5428
Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center Legal Clinic(216) 651-8236
Rape Crisis Center Help(216) 619-6192
Suicide Prevention(216) 623-6888
Child Abuse/Neglect (216) 696-KIDS
Children Who Witness Violence(216) 443-7345
Crime Stoppers(216) 252-7463
Domestic Violence Help(216) 391-4357
Elder Abuse(216) 420-6700


VINE Link: VINELink - Ohio ( (The VINE link is for victims to register to be notified of when their offender will be released from jail/ prison.)

National Resources

Environmental Crime(800) 282-9378
MADD/Victim-Survivor Help(877) 623-3435 MADDHELP
Ohio Consumer Protection(800) 282-0515
National Suicide Hotline9-8-8
National Human Trafficking Hotline(888) 373-7888
Equality Ohio Legal Clinic(855) 5428-529 (LGBT-LAW)

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