Division of Animal Care & Control

City of Cleveland Winter Weather Tips for Pets

Residents were advised at the Winter Weather Press Conference to bring pets/companion animals inside during winter weather, and to move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas with non-frozen drinking water. There's a number to call regarding concerns about pets outside in extreme weather: 216.664.3069.

  • Plankton Fund Gives Dogs Second Chances

    The Plankton Fund was created in response to the heartworm positive dogs that come into the Cleveland Animal Care and Control (CACC) that have limited options due to the cost of heartworm treatment

  • Lost and Found Pet Listings

     Current lost and found pet listings for the City of Cleveland can be found on Petango. Those looking for lost pets are asked to NOT solely rely on this website. This site is simply one tool to assist owners when they can't visit the kennel. Otherwise, they are asked to come as often as possible, preferably daily but at least once every three business days. It is the owner's responsibility to come in person and look through the kennel.

  • View Adoptable Kennel Pets Online

    There are some great adoptable dogs at the Cleveland Kennel that would make wonderful additions to local families. Full details- including images, safer assessment results and some videos- can be seen by clicking on their pictures.

  • Animal Protection League Trap-Neuter-Return Program for Stray Cats and Kittens

    Feral and free-roaming cats are the largest contributors to the cat overpopulation crisis. Those caring for strays are invited to take advantage of APL services! For only $10 the program includes spay or neuter surgery, ear-tipping, rabies vaccination, and FVRCP vaccination. Humane traps are available for $5.

Friends of CITY DOGS Cleveland is a 501.c.3, volunteer run organization established in April 2020 with the mission of providing the animals taken in by Cleveland Animal Care and Control (CACC) with medical care and enrichment during their time at the kennel, preparing them for adoption into loving homes, and creating opportunities for potential adopters to get to know them as the great family members they were meant to be. Friends of CITY DOGS Cleveland is CACC’s primary fundraising partner. CACC is the exclusive beneficiary of the Friends’ fundraising efforts.

Our Mission
To provide financial assistance for the animals at Cleveland Animal Care and Control, which includes daily enrichment opportunities, medical care and supporting the CITY DOGS adoption and volunteer programs.

Our Vision
Enriching, improving and advocating for the lives of Cleveland's homeless dogs as they navigate their journey to a better life.

Board of Directors
Michelle deBock, President
Robert Heffner, Treasurer
Caitlyn DiFilippo, Secretary

CITY DOGS Cleveland is the adoption and volunteer program of Cleveland Animal Care & Control. Launched in 2014, the CITY DOGS program mission is to increase adoptions from the city kennel by changing the image of the pit bull type dogs who make up the majority of the kennel population, preparing them for adoption into loving homes, and providing as many opportunities as possible for the public to get to know them as the amazing family members they were meant to be.

For more information, check us out on Facebook

The Division of Animal Care & Control responds to animal complaints, enforces ordinances, picks up stray animals, and reunites lost animals with their owners. The Division also provides resources for animal owners in the city who need assistance. Animals that are not claimed by an owner may be placed up for adoption through the CITY DOGS adoption program or transferred to another shelter. The Division makes every effort to find a positive outcome for animals in their care who are safe to place back into the community. For more information on services, click here. Annual statistics can be viewed here.

In recent decades, our cities and suburbs have grown and taken over rural areas. Many wild species take advantage of the conditions we have created for them. A common misconception is that getting rid of the animals will get rid of the problem. The reality is that removing animals invites more in to fill the empty space. Many wild species also provide benefits to humans and pets such as eating ticks, mosquitos, and other pests which carry disease.

As an alternative to impounding and destroying healthy and treatable wildlife, the National Animal Control Association recommends animal control provide education on wild animals in the area as well as effective and humane methods to deter and exclude animals from homes, structures and targeted areas. These methods on the most common urban species in our area are outlined in this document.

Any injured wild animal should be reported to 216-664-3069. Any complaints about vacant properties that are attracting wildlife should be directed to Building & Housing at 216-664-2007 or dial 3-1-1.

Information on additional species, their benefits, and coexisting with them can be found at https://www.humanesociety.org/wildlife-management-solutions

The City of Cleveland Division of Animal Care & Control offers ‘nuisance’ wildlife (skunks, groundhogs, opossums, and raccoons) trapping from May 1 through October 31. These animals are euthanized and disposed of if removed from your property. Please call us at 216.664.3069 for information on our trapping services and be sure to review the trapping rules.