Department of Port Control


This department is comprised of Cleveland Hopkins Airport (website), Burke Lakefront Airport(website) and the Division of Harbors, which is responsible for improving piers and docks with capital expenditures.

Emerging Business Enterprise Development Program: CLE is committed to diversity and ensuring that all persons have an equal opportunity to receive and participate in Airport contracts.

Terminal Parking and Roadway: protects, maintains, and enhances terminal buildings, parking, and roadways for public safety and convenience. It also maintains airport utilities and law enforcement regarding security, traffic control, and parking.

Airfield Operations: provides safe and hazard-free runways, taxiways, and ramp areas by testing and recording landing conditions, removing snow and ice from landing surfaces as needed, maintaining all airfield signage and lighting, and inspecting and patrolling airside facilities, among other activities.

Burke Lakefront Operations: section maintains the facility and oversees FAA-approved special events conducted airside. Burke Lakefront serves as a reliever airport to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Crash, Fire, Rescue: prevents or suppresses fire or hazardous conditions that threaten lives and property on airport properties by responding to alarms, treating and transporting the injured, conducting inspections, and preparing emergency response plans and drills.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance: provides on-airport vehicle repair, fueling, and maintenance, including the inspection and inventory of vehicles and maintaining records for them.

Air Trade Development, Public Relations and Promotions: promotes the use and public awareness of airport services and value. It responds to inquiries and complaints, holds public meetings, negotiates with air carriers to increase service to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and advertises Hopkins and Burke facilities.

Environmental Compatibility Program: implements the Noise Abatement Program and monitors and implements other federal, state, and local environmental programs and laws. It installs and operates noise-monitoring computer systems, soundproofs homes and schools, as well as acquiring homes in noise-impacted areas, and monitors and enforces laws related to asbestos, air quality, water pollution, and underground storage tanks.

  • Changes Coming to Ease International Travel at Hopkins

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is changing the process for international travelers arriving in Cleveland. The previous process, which has been a sore spot for some passengers, included waiting for all passengers to finish being checked by Customs and Border Protection before getting on a shuttle that drops them off at the baggage claim level.