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Cleveland Division of Police Announces New Command Staff Appointment

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2023

Ali Pillow Sworn in as Deputy Chief of Homeland Special Operations

Tuesday, July 11, 2023 – Cleveland – Yesterday, Mayor Justin M. Bibb administered the Oath of Office to Ali Pillow, who will now serve as the Cleveland Division of Police Deputy Chief of Homeland Special Operations.  The Deputy Chief of Homeland Special Operations oversees the Bureaus of Special Services, Special Investigations, and Homeland Services.  Deputy Chief Ali Pillow will administer crucial sections within the Division, including Strategic Enforcement, the Investigative Section, Domestic Preparedness, the Technical Section, the Special Victims Section, the Administrative Section, Ports, the Intelligence Section, as well as the Real Time Crime Center.

“I am proud to serve alongside Deputy Chief Ali Pillow, and I know that his leadership will enhance the Cleveland Division of Police,” said Cleveland Police Chief Wayne Drummond.  “Deputy Chief Pillow’s extensive experience both as an investigator and as a supervisor and member of the Command Staff make him a clear choice for this role.  Deputy Chief Pillow exemplifies dedication of service to the City of Cleveland and to his fellow officers.”

Deputy Chief Ali Pillow most recently served as the Commander of the Bureau of Special Investigations overseeing the Investigative Section, the Technical Section, and the Administrative Section.  He was appointed to the Division of Police in 1993 and served the Division of Police in the Fifth District on Basic Patrol and in the Vice Unit before being promoted to Sergeant in 2008, to Lieutenant in 2015 and to Captain in 2020.  Deputy Chief Ali Pillow has served the Division of Police as a Narcotics and Gang Unit Supervisor, an Internal Affairs Unit supervisor, as Public Information Officer, Lieutenant overseeing the Homicide Unit,  as the Executive Officer of the Bureau of Special Investigations and as Acting Internal Affairs Superintendent.  He has received multiple awards including the Medal of Heroism (2), Police Officer of the Year, Chief’s Special Commendation and Chief’s Outstanding Unit Award.