Cleveland Air Quality from Forest Fires

Cleveland Division of Air Quality Issues Health Alert Due to Canadian Wildfires

Monday, Jul 17, 2023

The Cleveland Department of Public Health (CDPH) Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has issued a health alert due to elevated levels of fine particulate matter caused in major part by wildfires in Canada. The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) has also issued an Air Quality Advisory, due to an exceedance of fine particulate levels in the "Unhealthy" Air Quality Index (AQI) range.

During periods when the air is “Unhealthy” CDPH recommends that individuals with heart or lung disease, older adults, children, and teens:

  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activities.
  • Keep outdoor activities short.
  • Consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them.
  • When inside, keep the windows shut. Everyone else:
  • Choose less strenuous activities (like walking instead of running) so you don’t breathe as hard.
  • Shorten the amount of time you are active outdoors.
  • Be active outdoors when air quality is better.
  • Those with heart disease or COPD should pay close attention to symptoms such as chest pain or tightness, a fast heartbeat, feeling more out of breath than usual, or extreme fatigue. Contact your health care provider or system, or if symptoms are severe, call 9-1-1.

The CDPH recommends individuals do their part to improve air quality in the area:

  • Carpool or use public transportation when possible
  • Combine errands to reduce “cold starts” and extended idling
  • Limit trips to the gas pump and only refuel when necessary Refrain from using gas-powered lawnmowers and other outdoor equipment
  • Conserve electricity and set your air conditioner to a higher temperature

Check the daily Air Quality Index and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Fire and Smoke Map at to view hourly updates, as the condition will change hour to hour.