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City of Cleveland Public Safety Summit

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2023

Police Officer Retention, Recruitment, and Deployment 
Tuesday, July 11, 2023 — Cleveland — Earlier today, City of Cleveland Mayor Justin M. Bibb, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #8 President Capt. Jim O’Malley, and Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President (CPPA) Detective Jeff Follmer agreed to convene the first City of Cleveland Public Safety Summit on the topic of Police Officer Retention, Recruitment, and Deployment.  
The parties will begin meeting Wednesday, July 12, to begin their collaboration to identify ways in which they can jointly improve retention, recruitment, and deployment in the Division of Police, in anticipation of the Summit set for Wednesday, August 23. Mayor Bibb, FOP President O’Malley, and CPPA President Follmer, together with their respective leadership teams, will meet under the guidance of Jack Buettner. Mr. Buettner stands well-positioned to guide the parties during the Summit, having served as the former Director of Federal Mediation and Conciliation Field Operations for the United States from 2009-2012 and given his extensive work as a Federal Mediator for 40 years. 
He will assist the city, FOP, and CPPA in exploring how they can jointly address the City of Cleveland’s challenges in retaining current and recruiting future police officers, and more effectively deploying uniformed officers to promote public safety.   
The city, FOP, and CPPA leadership will meet in several confidential sessions, closed to the media, beginning Wednesday July 12 to find ways to further support the police officers who protect and serve our city. By unifying to discuss the current challenges in maintaining, expanding, and deploying the Division of Police, the city, FOP, and CPPA hope to create conditions in which the Cleveland Division of Police is an employer of choice for current and future Police Officers and operates as effectively and efficiently as possible in pursuit of public safety throughout the city.