City of Cleveland COVID-19 Vaccine Sites

Cleveland Department of Public Health will administer the COVID-19 vaccine at multiple locations throughout the City. View the flyers below for details about upcoming vaccination opportunities.

  • Tuesdays - 1:00pm–6:30pm @ J.Glenn Health Center, 11100 St. Clair Ave. Find more information in (English) (Spanish)
  • Thursdays - 1:00pm-6:30pm @ McCafferty Health Center, 4242 Lorain Ave. Find more information in (English) (Spanish)
  • Wednesday, June 23 - Noon-4:00pm @ The Intergenerational School, 11327 Shaker Blvd (English) (Spanish)
  • Wednesday, June 23 & Saturday, June 26 @ Rainbow Terrace Learning Center (Details)
  • Saturday, June 26 @ Friendly Inn Settlement House (Details)

The City of Cleveland and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio are seeking qualified applicants to fill two current public representative vacancies on the Cleveland Community Police Commission (CPC). All applications submitted by individuals will be retained and those not selected for the two current vacancies will be considered for appointment for any additional public representative vacancies that may arise in calendar year 2021.

The CPC is a 13-person body created as part of the agreement between the City and the Justice Department to foster police and community communication and understanding and to provide input on reform.  It is made up of 10 public representatives and one representative from each of the three police unions: the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Black Shield.

The appointed public members include representatives of faith-based organizations, civil rights advocates, business/philanthropic groups, organizations representing communities of color, advocacy organizations, youth or student organizations, academia and individuals with expertise in the challenges facing people with mental illness or the homeless.

The City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are partnering with local entities to vaccinate homebound individuals. The Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging is screening individuals for eligibility. To check your eligibility or receive more information call 216-621-0303.

The Board meets every Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. The current agenda is available here. Meeting minutes are published in the City Record.

Under the conditions specified by law, a WebEx session will be used to facilitate and record the meetings and the meetings will be live streamed on YouTube.

Anyone wishing to address the Board on any agenda item may do so with the permission of the Board, but in no case, shall the address exceed five minutes in duration unless additional time is allowed by the Board. We ask individuals who wish to address the Board on an agenda item to contact the Department of Law by email or phone (email is preferred). Individuals not seeking to address the Board during the WebEx session are encouraged to view one of the live streams.

To contact the Department of Law and request access to the WebEx session to seek permission to address the Board, please email smelnyk@city.cleveland.oh.us or call (216) 664-3078. Please also include the agenda item you wish to address when requesting access to the WebEx session.

The 2021 Holiday Waste Pick-up Schedule, which includes information on Bulk Pick-Up, is now available.

The Cuyahoga EITC Coalition is now accepting appointments for FREE tax preparation. Maximize your tax return and keep every penny of the refunds you've earned. Free tax preparation appointments with the Coalition can save you hundreds of dollars over a paid preparer. Eligible hardworking families can receive up to $6,600 at tax time with the Earned Income Tax Credit.

In accordance with requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the City of Cleveland has drafted the 2021-2026 Consolidated Plan and 2021-2022 Program Year Action Plan. The Action Plan, which will be available for public comment and review on April 22, 2021, is a comprehensive strategy over the next 5 year Consolidated Plan period and describes activities and programs that will be implemented during the 2021-2022 program year to address priority needs and specific objectives identified in the 2021-2026 Consolidated Plan.

The City of Cleveland Division of Recreation is now accepting registrations for summer organized sports programs at all Neighborhood Resource and Recreation Centers.  Safety protocols will be followed as in the CDC State of Ohio re-open plan.  Contact Tim Wells for more info, 216-664-2346 or twells@city.cleveland.oh.us.

The Cleveland Department of Aging is sponsoring a walk in each of the city wards this summer. You can take these “ Fitness Friday” walks at your own pace but with the support of others. The walks will be outside and will start and end at the locations below. We will be following all Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) protocols for safety. All participants will receive a Senior Walk t-shirt and a Resource bag. New this year, receive your Passport to the Parks at your first walk. Attend five (5) or more walks this summer and you will be entered into a raffle.

A handy Home Repair Resource Guide guide was created by the staff of the Cleveland Department of Aging for Cleveland homeowners seeking information about loans, grants, and agencies providing home repair resources.


Until further notice, Environmental Review Records (ERRs) available for public comment for the release of HOME and CDBG funds under Section 212(a)(1) of Title II (42 U.S.C. 12701 et seq.) of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act can no longer be viewed in person.

In summer 2019, the city of Cleveland’s Office of Community Development and the Equitable Community Development Working Group engaged with Reinvestment Fund, PFM, Greater Ohio Policy Center, Neighborhood Connections and Leverage Point Development, to study the City’s residential tax abatement program. The study was commissioned to better understand the historic usage of the program, the value it generated for the City, and to identify potential adjustments to the program that would help the City advance an Equitable Community Development Strategy as part of Mayor Jackson’s Neighborhood Transformation Initiative.

This new program helps seniors aged 60 years and older and adults with disabilities address one home maintenance or home repair need. The program will also assist with referrals to other home repair programs. There are income restrictions and guidelines for the program.

The status of complaints filed by citizens with the Office of Professional Standards can now be viewed online.  A valid OPS case number is required.

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