Southeast Side Promise

Southeast Side Promise


Mayor Bibb's Southeast Side Strategy is a multi-faceted plan to address the issue of concentrated disinvestment in the neighborhoods of Cleveland's southeast side. Our mission is to rejuvenate the area, providing residents with a safe, equitable, and vibrant community they rightfully deserve.  

Southeast Side Geography

The southeast side neighborhoods encompass Lee-Harvard, Union-Miles, and Mount Pleasant, spanning across wards 1, 2, and 4 in the southeast part of the city. 

“Southeast Side Neighborhoods are… Communities with rich historic legacy and deeply engaged residents who are full of pride in their neighborhoods.”  

Visualizing Disinvestment

From 2010-2020, Cleveland's southeast side witnessed a 13.5% population decline, which is more than double the city's overall loss. Presently, the southeast side is home to around 55,000 residents, with over 90% identifying as Black.             

These areas have endured decades of disinvestment, resulting in generational poverty, substandard housing, limited educational opportunities, high unemployment, and reduced life expectancy. The impacts of historical redlining policies still loom large over these communities.

Mayor Bibb’s Southeast Side Revitalization Plan, aims to:

  • Address Blight and Deterioration: Define and target micro-geographies to employ demolition, home repair, home rehab, code enforcement, and clean-up activities.
  • Increase Quality Housing and Homeownership: Home repair and rehab within micro-geographies, with the intent of keeping people in their homes.
  • Changing the Narrative: A public campaign that builds on neighborhood pride and seeks to bring additional investment.

The Southeast Side will focus on dividing $15 million in Federal Aid from the American Rescue Plan Act into, three key areas:              

1. Home Repairs and Rehabilitation             
Five million dollars will go towards funding home repairs and rehabs targeted in micro-geographies. The goal is to repair 100-150 homes and rehab 30-50 homes. This strategy targets home repair and rehab investment along commercial corridors for maximum impact.              

2. Commercial Corridor Revitalization             
Five million dollars in funds will focus on revitalizing key commercial corridors through various programs. This phase of investment will work to stabilize surrounding neighborhoods, provide quality-of-life improvements for nearby community members and attract additional investment.              

3. Large-scale Site Developments             
Five million dollars will be directed to spur catalytic redevelopment on key sites. Site repairs will likely include places such as, the Hamilton Recreation Center, John F. Kennedy High School and more. This objective will incentivize transformative outcomes that will directly benefit existing residents and align with other City initiatives and priorities.   

Current Progress

Numerous initiatives are underway, which includes the clean-up of dumping sites, home construction, land bank applications, RFPs for priority development areas, and various infrastructure projects.   

Looking Ahead

A Southeast Side Strategy map is coming soon!