Division of Real Estate

Office of Capital Projects

Division of Real Estate

The Division of Real Estate manages transactions and real estate functions for various departments of City government, including acquisitions, sales, and leases of City property that are not within the City’s Land Bank.

Programs and Services

  1. Work with client department to determine needs, budget and schedule
  2. Provide detailed summary of project for Administrative Approval
  3. Communicate with Council regarding Councilmember’s Concurrence
  4. Prepare RFP for Real Estate Consultants and Prepare Submission to Consultant Review Committee/OEO, as needed:
    1. Title 
    2. Appraisal
    3. Environmental
  5. Prepare Legal Descriptions for approval by Surveys
  6. Draft Legislative Summary and review draft legislation
  7. Present Project to City Planning Commission for approval
  8. Present Project to City Council for approval
  9. Prepare and Submit Board of Control Resolution as needed 
  10. Work with Law Department on Document Preparation
  11. Manage execution of Documents/Closing/Post Closing
  12. Recording of Instrument of Conveyance/Certification of Contract
  1. Provide services related to the sale/lease of surplus City real property including:
  2. Work with buyer to determine needs, budget and schedule
  3. Determine department of jurisdiction and if property is needed by City
  4. Negotiation of Transaction Terms
  5. Review of Appraisal, Title, Environmental documentation
  6. Prepare Legislative Summary and present at City Planning and City Council 
  7. Obtain Surplus Property Determination
  8. Prepare and Submit Board of Control Resolution as needed
  9. Document Preparation with Law Department
  10. Closing process
  11. Escrow/Closing and Post Closing Management, such as management of contractual requirements and deed restrictions.


  • Proceed through City process for City to lease property as landlord or tenant
  • Manage tenant issues in leased space for various City departments, review of invoices, common area maintenance/utility usage charges, reconciliation charges, and interfacing directly with landlords and tenants


  • Manage review and payment of real estate taxes
  • Apply for and obtain Tax Exempt Status of City-owned real property
  • Coordinate with Public Works on maintenance issues as needed
  • Manage short term use requests (up to one year) for City properties for construction access, adjacent property repairs, preconstruction activities, temporary public art, etc. 
  • Manage longer term limited use requests (longer than one year) for City properties such as property adoption agreements for park maintenance and licenses for longer term construction projects, public art installations, signage/historic markers, etc.