West Side Market

Transition Strategy

The West Side Market is an historic institution that we must preserve and protect for future generations. Mayor Bibb’s administration is focused on making immediate investments to upgrade facilities and support vendors to drive growth at the West Side Market.

Transition Process

Following national best practices, the City of Cleveland is maintaining ownership of the building and preparing to transition management and operations to a non-profit focused exclusively on Cleveland’s iconic public market. The transition includes two related initiatives:

  1. Establishment of the new non-profit, carefully considering board and staff responsibilities and leading to tax exempt status, selection of a diverse, skilled, and representative board, and hiring of key staff. 
  2. A new Master Plan for the Market that addresses merchant mix, stall layout, building infrastructure, program development, and financial modeling—resulting in an implementable plan that will guide the new non-profit once it assumes operational responsibility.

Learn more about Mayor Bibb's vision for West Side Market and his strategy to transition operations to non-profit Cleveland Public Market Corporation here