Public Safety Careers

The City of Cleveland only accepts applications for current job openings and current testing announcements. To be notified of future openings, applicants can click on “Jobs Interest” , and select areas of interest. An e-mail will be sent automatically, when new jobs are posted. 

City of Cleveland Public Safety Careers

Benefits Include:

  • Health, Eye, Dental, and Life Insurance
  • Paid Vacation (after 1 year of service)
  • Paid holidays: 9/year plus 2 personal holidays/year
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Annual Longevity Bonus (after 5 years of service)
  • Generous Retirement Package
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Uniform Allowances

Public Safety Recruitment Videos – Division of Police

Public Safety Recruitment Team

Patrol Officer Application Process

Scheduling the NTN Test with Civil Service

Physical Agility Test

Background Check / PHS – Personal History Statement

Police Employment Inquiries: 216.623.5233 or 216.623.5135

Selection Process: Upon passing the City of Cleveland Civil Service written examination, the top scorers will be contacted to take a physical agility test. Upon passing, they may move on to the selection process. Applicants must then:

  • Complete Personal History questionnaires
  • Be interviewed, photographed and fingerprinted
  • Complete waivers authorizing extensive background investigations
  • Pass a medical examination
  • Undergo a psychological/psychiatric evaluation, including taking the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) assessment.

Police Academy: Upon successful completion of the selection process, applicants may be appointed to a Police Academy Class. Those that do will embark on an intensive course of classroom and field study for approximately 6 months. To remain in training, Cadets must:

  • Maintain a grade of 70% or higher
  • Pass a State of Ohio written examination, firearms examination and physical examination

Examples of Duties

Under supervision of a Sergeant or other superior officer, performs general and special police duty in an assigned district or unit in the preservation of law and order. Protect life and property. Enforces laws and ordinances. Prevents and detects crime. Work involves an element of personal danger. Acts without direct supervision and exercises independent judgment in meeting complex situations. Performs other job-related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Age: Applicant must be a minimum of 21 years of age and no older than 39 years of age at the time of appointment to the City of Cleveland Police Training Academy. 

Education: Applicants must indicate in their application, and present proof at the time of filing, that they have received a High School Diploma* from an accredited educational institution or have satisfactorily completed the General Education Development Test (GED). One of the following must be presented at the time of filing:

    • High School Diploma
    • GED
    • Letter on official stationery from High School or Board of Education stating that the applicant did graduate.
    • DD-214 (Separation from Active Duty) which indicates the individual graduated from High School or passed the General Education Development Test.

*If the applicant graduated from, for example, a Charter School was home schooled, or graduated from a school outside of Ohio applicant MUST be able to document that the requirements of the state in which the diploma/GED was issued were met.

Driver's License:  Applicant must have a valid State of Ohio Driver's License PRIOR to appointment to the Police Academy.

Citizenship: Applicant must be a citizen of the United States prior to appointment to the Police Academy.

NOTE: Applicants must submit a copy of proof of identity, age, and education when they file an application. The Civil Service Commission reserves the right to verify the aformentioned documents and to withhold the acceptance or rejection of application until such verification can be obtained.

Position Information

Salary: The starting salary while in the Police Training Academy is $15.00 per hour. While still in the Academy, recruits salaries will raise to $53,779.43 at twenty-two weeks of completion, one month before graduation. 

Work Hours: Police Cadets and Patrol Officers must be available to work any shift on any day of the week.

Exam Fees and Exam Information

Filing Fee: There is no filing fee for 2020. The City of Cleveland will be covering the cost of the entry exam.

Application Dates: Applications are being accepted through November 13th for consideration for the next spring/summer Academy.

Examination Information, (Type: Electronic Examination): The examination will be administered electronically by National Testing Network (NTN). After an applicant's application has been reviewed and approved, they will be directed to NTN's website to schedule their examination. NTN has testing centers available in Cleveland and many other locations nationally for candidates' convenience. Applicants will be responsible for scheduling and taking their examination during the testing period. 

Physical Abilities Examination: The test is designed to evaluate physical ability to perform the duties of a Patrol Officer. Applicants will be scored on a pass/fail basis, based on the time, number of repetitions, etc. required to complete the test. The Ohio Peace Officer's Training Academy physical fitness assessment video illustrates the proper form used during physical agility testing. Questions regarding the video may be directed to 216.623.5135 or 216.623.5136.

Drug Screening: Each applicant shall undergo an examination for drug usage. This examination may be in the form of urinalysis. Any applicant whose results from the drug screening examination are determined to be positive shall be removed from the eligibility list unless such results can be satisfactorily related to the advice of a recognized medical practitioner. Drug screening may also be conducted after appointment to the academy.

Background Investigation: Background investigation and evaluation may include interviews with present and previous employers. Neighbors and family may be contacted as part of the investigation. In addition, a check of Local and State Police and FBI records, both adult and juvenile, and Bureau of Motor Vehicle records will be made. The background test also includes review of sealed and expunged records. Unsatisfactory findings in one or more of these areas may be cause for removal from the Civil Service eligibility list. Conviction of a felony is absolute grounds for removal from the list. Any applicant convicted of a felony will be removed from the eligible list and will receive no further consideration. There are also misdemeanor convictions that would result in the removal of an applicant from the eligibility list.

Psychological Evaluation: A psychological evaluation to determine the applicant's emotional suitability to perform all aspects of the job will be conducted. Each applicant may be required to take several written examinations. These, along with the results of the background investigation, will be submitted to one or more psychologist(s)/psychiatrist(s) who will interview the candidates. All records of the psychological and background examinations will be made available to the Civil Service Commission. The Commission will review such records and make the final determination of each applicant's suitability for removal from the eligible list.

Medical Examination: Any appointment to the position of Patrol Officer will be conditioned upon passing a pre-employment medical examination conducted in accordance with the provisions of Title I of the Federal American's with Disabilities Act (ADA). A copy of the ADA may be obtained at the Civil Service Commission Office at a minimal cost or online. The standards for the medical examination are available for review in the Office of the Civil Service Commission and online.

Residency Credit:  In accordance with the Charter of the City of Cleveland:  A person who has had as his/her primary residence in the City of Cleveland for at least one year at the time of filing a Civil Service application, and desires to take an entry-level Civil Service examination, shall, if a passing grade on the written examination is attained, have ten (10) points added to his/her passing score.

In order to receive residency credit, applicants must present LEGIBLE COPIES of 3 different proofs of residency from ONE YEAR AGO* and 3 different proofs of residency that are CURRENT** (A total of SIX documents) for verification at the time of filing.  ("Different" means that an applicant can provide (for example) a bank statement from a year ago, and a current statement for the same bank account, but cannot provide multiple statements from the same account for different months to satisfy the 3 proofs requirement.

Such proofs include:

  • Driver's License (only acceptable if issue date falls within the parameters that follow)
  • Bank Statements
  • Utility Bills
  • Mortgage or Lease Agreement
  • Bills from creditors not listed above
  • Other Postmarked mail such as magazines with name and mailing label attached, organization newsletters, medical/dental bills, voter registration card, or motor vehicle registration
  • Insurance Statement (Home insurance, rental insurance, car insurance or other insurance documents).


  • Pay stubs
  • Rental Receipts
  • Tax Returns
  • W-2 Tax Forms unless sent by US Mail

* "ONE YEAR AGO" SHALL BE ONE YEAR PREVIOUS TO DATE OF FILING. For example, if you are filing for the examination in May of 2019 you must present 3 different documents dated March or April or May of 2018.

** "CURRENT" SHALL BE WITH IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS. For example, if you are filing for the examination in May of 2019 you must present 3 different documents dated March or April or May of 2019.

NOTE:  This is the acceptable timeframe for one month only, provided as an example!!!  Candidates that file in other months need to submit documents dated FOR BOTH 2018 and 2019 in the month they are filing as well as the two preceding months.


NOTE: Applicants who do not have sufficient bills or items in their own name may provide one or more proof documents bearing their own name and Cleveland address, and supplement it with the additional required proofs from a spouse or blood relative with whom they reside; provided that such other person also provides a notarized statement that the applicant has resided with them at that address for more than a year prior to the date of application AND provides the missing documentation in their own name with their Cleveland address.

NOTE: PURSUANT TO THE CHARTER OF THE CITY OF CLEVELAND AND RULES OF THE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION AND THE OHIO REVISED CODE: Any applicant that willfully provides any false document, statement, or certification in regard to any test will be terminated from all processing, removed from any eligible list, and may face possible criminal prosecution.

Veteran's preference:  Veterans' preference will be awarded, when applicable, to eligible veterans in accordance with Civil Service Rules 4.40E, 4.40F and 4.40G.. Proof of active service or a DD Form 214, must be presented to the Commission at the time of filing application for the examination in which credit is sought in order to qualify for veterans' credit. If the applicant has received an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions that applicant shall receive an additional five (5) points added to their raw score on the examination.

NOTE: Only DD Form 214 (long form) or an official armed service document indicating type of discharge or separation and the dates of active service will be accepted as proof of active service.

NOTE: Applicants who desire additional Veterans' Credit (as provided for in Rule 4.40E) will be required to submit a copy of an affidavit stating the applicant's date of separation from active duty and date of discharge; and shall understand that this affidavit will be subject to verification by the Civil Service Commission. Any false information provided on this affidavit will be considered as a falsification of application and result in the applicant being removed from the eligible list upon discovery of the error (in accordance with Civil Service Rule 5.40).The commission will not entertain appeals for veteran's preference credit or residency bonus points after the applicant has filed his/her application. The decision of the Commission is final. 

Supplemental Information for Entry Level Officer Positions

Life of the Eligibility List: The life of the eligibility list from this examination will not exceed one year from the date the list is established.

Tie Scores:  In accordance with Civil Service Rule 5.10, in an Open examination, should two or more applicants receive the same grade, the order in which their names shall be placed on the eligible list shall be determined by random selection.

The Police Training Academy:  The Police Training Academy may include classes in both Cleveland, Ohio as well as Columbus, Ohio. Candidates being considered for appointment into an Academy class will be provided specific information about the Academy at that time.

American's with Disabilities Act: Any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation in order to compete effectively on this examination shall notify the Civil Service Commission of such need before filing an application.  Civil Service will send the individual the appropriate form which must be submitted at the time of filing.  The Commission will contact the individual concerning such accommodation prior to the examination.  The Commission may refuse to provide such accommodation if it is not reasonable or would constitute an undue hardship.  The Commission will require current (within one year) documentation supporting the need for the requested accommodation.  Such documentation shall be submitted with the request form at the time of filing.

Waiver of Rules: The Civil Service Commission hereby waives all applicable rules or portions of its rules which may or may not conflict with the Charter of the City of Cleveland and/or litigation involving this examination. In particular:

  1. Rule 4.30D (The waiver of this Rule shall mean that a medical examination will not be administered prior to the establishment of the eligible list.)
  2. Rule 4.30F (The waiver of this Rule shall mean that applicants who fail the psychological examination will be automatically scheduled for re-examination to gain a second opinion.)
  3. Rule 6.80 (The waiver of this Rule shall mean that the probationary period for Patrol Officer shall be fixed at six months, upon completion of the Police Academy)

The aforementioned Civil Service Rules are hereby waived either in their entirety or in part. The Commission retains the right to waive other Rule requirements as appropriate. Applicants having questions regarding these waivers should contact the Civil Service Office at (216) 664-2467;

The City of Cleveland is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Public Safety Recruitment Videos – Division of Fire

Public Safety Recruitment Team

Minimum Requirements to Apply

Application Process

NTN Civil Service Test

Background Check / PHS – Personal History Statement

Final Selection Process

The Cleveland Division of Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services is a proud member of the Firefighter Diversity Recruitment Council and values the diversity of candidates in all recruitment efforts.

Firefighter Positions

Employment Inquiries: 216.664.6388 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - Send Email

What it Means to be a Firefighter
Fire Recruitment Poster

During duty hours firefighters must be prepared to respond to any emergency. Between alarms, fire station activities include training sessions, pre-fire planning, house-watch, and physical fitness training. They live and work closely together under stress and danger, so firefighters develop dependability and reliance on each other, and those considering this career should work well in group environment. Applicants must:

  • be eighteen years of age at the time of the test and under the age of 40 at the time of appointment to the Academy
  • have proof of accredited High School Diplomas/GED’s
  • be US citizens
  • possess valid Ohio drivers licenses
  • apply to take the entrance examination during the identified filing period

Selection Process: Applicants must qualify in a series of competitive examinations before they are eligible for appointment which includes:

  • written examination to measure reading and math skills and the ability to recall factual materials and make judgments based on reasoning skills
  • physical agility test consisting of evolutions that simulate firefighting activities using actual firefighting equipment
  • thorough medical examination
  • thorough criminal history and background check
  • written psychological examinations and evaluations

Bona-fide residents of the City of Cleveland will receive additional points with a passing score of 70 percent or better. Veterans with proof of an honorable discharge (DD-214) will receive additional points with a passing score of 70 percent or better.

Firefighter Training

Once appointed as a Cadet Firefighter each successful applicant must complete an apprenticeship program and probationary period and maintain a satisfactory on-the-job rating. Apprenticeship program includes:

  • Certification by the National registry and State of Ohio as an EMT
  • Certification by the State of Ohio as a Structural Firefighter

The initial emergency medical technician and firefighter training lasts 18 weeks, during which compensation is $10.50/hour. Upon completion of the Academy, each cadet is entered into a four year apprenticeship program. The remainder of the apprenticeship occurs in the field as cadets are assigned to an Engine Company, Hook & Ladder, or Rescue Squad. The company officers continue close monitoring and instruction for the cadet and upon successful completion of the four year program, the apprentice firefighter becomes a journeyman firefighter.

Opportunities for Advancement

A firefighter may advance through continued education and testing, and after several years of service may become eligible for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant. The line of further promotion is Captain, Battalion Chief, Assistant Chief and finally Chief of the Division. Advancement is determined by a candidate's position on a list which ranks firefighters through use of a competitive exam.


  • Annual Salary of $45,904 upon graduation of the Fire Training Academy
  • Annual Salary of $53,890 upon completion of the 4 years apprenticeship

For additional information email

Public Safety Recruitment Videos – Division of EMS

Public Safety Recruitment Team

Application Process

EMT Paramedic Application Process

EMT Application Process

EMS Employment Opportunities

  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD)

EMS Employment Inquiries


Qualifications for EMT and EMD vary, differences are noted

  • Must have a current State of Ohio EMT or Paramedic certification, must be maintained throughout employment (EMT) 
  • Must have a valid driver’s license with less than six (6) points and maintained throughout employment (EMT)
  • Must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 100 pounds and be able to meet the full demands of the position (EMT)
  • EMT-Basics are required to successfully complete a EMT-Paramedic training course within two (2) years of employment (EMT)
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED certification (EMT & EMD)
  • Must be 18 years old (EMT & EMD)
  • Must be a US citizen (EMT & EMD)
  • Must be able to type 30 words per minute (EMD)


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): EMS Academy Training

Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD): Civilians are educated through an eight to ten week classroom course with an additional four week hands-on training to answer 9-1-1 calls, dispatch responders and provide pre-arrival instructions utilizing the Medical Priority Dispatch System.  After successful completion of training, all will become certified Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatchers.

Examples of Duties

EMT: Under general supervision, treats and transports sick and injured persons by ambulance to specified locations.  Responds to 9-1-1 ambulance calls and operates an emergency vehicle in an appropriate and safe manner in accord with State and Local laws.  

Administers pre-hospital care treatment within limits defined by law within the Division of Emergency Medical Service and the State of Ohio.  Completes patient care reports and related documentation thoroughly, complying with all billing requirements as set forth by providers and the City of Cleveland.  

Conducts equipment and supply inventories on vehicles while also maintaining routine daily vehicle inspection.  Follows all policy and procedures according to the City of Cleveland and the Division of Emergency Medical Service. 

Maintains all licensures by completing all provided continuing education and demonstrating competence in protocols, skills and standard of care set forth by the Division of Emergency Medical Service. 

EMD: Under general supervision answers 9-1-1 calls, provides pre-arrival instructions to 9-1-1 callers, dispatches responders via phone and radio and coordinates with multiple other agencies for emergency response.

Opportunities for Advancement

  • Field and Dispatch Training Officer – Compensation for training and orienting new employees or other students in the field setting
  • Sergeant – Appointed position to be part of the Administrative Staff
  • Captain – Tested promotional to provide direct oversight to the dispatch and field operations
  • Commander – Appointed position to be a part of the Executive Staff to provide oversight to assigned areas of the Division
  • Deputy Commissioner - Appointed position to be a part of the Executive Staff to provide oversight to assigned areas of the Division
  • Commissioner – Appointed by the Mayor to provide oversight to the entire Division of Emergency Medical Service