Office of Prevention, Intervention, and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults

A key goal of the City of Cleveland's has been to improve quality of life in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. Reaching that goal requires a comprehensive approach to create greater opportunity for residents, especially our youth and young adults.

By providing young people with additional opportunities and access – regardless of their family’s income or the neighborhoods from which they come – the goal is to set them up for greater success later in life.

That is why the City of Cleveland has changed the philosophy of its recreation centers to more holistically serve families. Neighborhood Youth & Adult Education Resource & Recreation Centers are aimed at expanding services in the following areas while maintaining their current intergenerational programming.

You’ll see new and expanded programming in the following areas:

  • Job & Career Readiness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Youth Development, Mentorship, Leadership & Community Service
  • The Arts
  • Sport & Recreation

There is a vast variety of new programming. Here are some examples: Hands-on STEM workshops, theatre training, ACT/SAT prep, internships, apprenticeships, GED prep, job placement assistance and more.

The changes don’t stop there. The City of Cleveland recently completed an assessment of its recreation centers and has begun the process of planning for upgrades. This will mean renovations at existing centers and construction of new facilities to replace aging infrastructure.

Cleveland Clinic Virtual Employment Workshops

Cleveland Clinic's Talent Acquisition team invites community members to connect with a representative at one our upcoming Virtual Employment Workshops. These workshops are designed to engage members of the community to help them:

  • Explore. Employment Entry Level Opportunities with Cleveland Clinic.
  • Learn. About Resume Writing and Interview Tips and Tools.
  • Discover. How to Navigate Cleveland Clinic’s Career Website & Application Process.

Registration is requested for attendance. To register, please contact one of the following Social Support Services Specialists

  • Joy Hall, 216-857-7629 (Zelma George, Thurgood Marshall, Estabrook, Cudell/CFA)
  • Patricia Bell, 216-857-3356 (JFK, Earle B. Turner, Central, Lonnie Burten)
  • India Moore, 216-857-3189 (Cory, Collinwood, Glenville, Sterling)
  • Krisnia Hope, 216-857-3238 (Gunning, Fairfax, Clark, Michael Zone)

City of Cleveland Recreation Centers have something for everyone. Programs can be applied for now at all recreation centers and online.

Winter 2022-2023 registration is now open!

2022-2023 Winter Recreation Center Program Application Form

Seasonal Activities Page

The Office of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults (PIOYYA) will expand its services in Neighborhood Resource and Recreation Centers to better address community-wide needs.

In addition to adult and senior programs, summer programming for youth and young adults will be expanded to create greater access and opportunity for our neighborhoods.

What is a Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center?

The City of Cleveland's 22 recreation centers are now transitioning to become Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Centers. This shift includes a holistic plan to connect youth, adults and seniors to center-based employment service, recreational programs, educational advancement opportunities and more. In addition, the City of Cleveland has completed a facilities assessment and will soon announce capital improvements aimed at providing better services to Cleveland neighborhoods.

What programs can I look forward to?

Here are some of the exciting programs offered at Neighborhood Resource and Recreation Center:

  • STEM: Youth in grades K-8 will engage in STEM activities through hands-on exploration and experimentation.
  • Silver Spokes Senior Cycling: Seniors will learn cycling road rules, discover bike paths, enjoy group rides and meet others interested in cycling.
  • ACT & SAT Prep: Youth in grades 10-12 can access ACT and SAT prep tutoring to meet the demands of college entrance.
  • Performing Arts: youth in grades 6-12 will participate in dance, drama and vocal performing arts classes.
  • Performing & Visual Arts: Youth in grades K-12 will participate in performing and visual arts residencies including performance poetry and hip hop music design.
  • Drug & Alcohol Prevention: Youth ages 14-18 will learn drug and alcohol prevention through theater.

Will youth summer programs change as a result of this shift?

Yes. The shift to Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Centers means that summer programming for youth will be enhanced. Youth will now have access to resources beyond the traditional recreation programs such as Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) Internships, Cleveland Public Power Apprenticeships, ACT and SAT preparation, summer jobs programs and more.

I am not a youth. Can I still access programs at my Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center?

Yes. The intergenerational programming favorites of seniors and adults alike – such as swimming, basketball, racquetball, etc. – will still be available.

How will the Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Centers help to address youth violence and crime in the City of Cleveland?

The City of Cleveland has established a strategic plan to address the root causes of violence and toxic stress by promoting wellness and resiliency especially for our youth and young adults. Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Centers are equipped with trained Trauma-Informed Care staff members and social workers who provide year-round center-based resources, programs and activities.

Programming will now span the following six target areas to provide a more holistic approach: Youth & Adult Education, Job & Career Readiness, Health & Wellness, The Arts, Sports & Recreation and Youth Development, Mentorship, Leadership & Community Service.

Will this shift only impact Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Centers?

No. our vision encompasses other programs that improve resident's quality of life such as Safe Routes to School, Say Yes to Education, Youth Re-entry and Diversion programs, the Neighborhood Transformation Initiative and the Opportunity Corridor project, Division of Police Community Engagement Officers and more.

How can I identify my local Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center?

Former neighborhood recreation centers will now serve as Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Centers at the same location. The Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center locations are:

  • Clark Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 5706 Clark; (216) 664-4657
  • Cleveland Central Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 2526 Central; (216) 664-4241
  • Collinwood Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 16300 Lakeshore; (216) 420-8323
  • Cory Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 10510 Drexel; (216) 664-3389
  • Cudell Fine Arts Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 10013 Detroit Ave.; (216) 664-4183
  • Cudell Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 1910 West Blvd.; (216) 664-4137
  • Earle B. Turner Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 11300 Miles; (216) 420-8358
  • EJ Kovacic Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 6250 St. Clair; (216) 664-4140
  • Estabrook Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 4125 Fulton; (216) 664-4149
  • Fairfax Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 2335 East 82nd; (216) 664-4142
  • Glenville Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 680 East 113th; (216) 664-2516
  • Gunning Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 16700 Puritas; (216) 420-7900
  • Halloran Park Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 3550 West 117; (216) 664-4187
  • Hamilton Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 13200 Kinsman; (216) 664-4121
  • John F Kennedy Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 17300 Harvard; (216) 664-2572
  • Kenneth L Johnson Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 9206 Woodland; (216) 664-4124
  • Lonnie Burten Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 2511 East 46th; (216) 664-4139
  • Michael Zone Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 6301 Lorain; (216) 664-3373
  • Stella Walsh Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 7245 Broadway; (216) 664-4658
  • Sterling Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 1380 East 32nd; (216) 664-2573
  • Thurgood Marshall Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 8611 Hough; (216) 664-4045
  • Zelma George Neighborhood Resource & Recreation Center; 3155 MLK Jr Blvd.; (216) 420-8800