Public Utilities

The Department of Public Utilities includes the following:

Cleveland Public Power: Committed to providing reliable and affordable energy and energy services to the residents and business of the City of Cleveland. -more

Cleveland Division of Water: CWD delivers a reliable supply of high quality water and customer services to promote public health and safety, economy, and quality of life of Greater Cleveland. -more

Water Pollution Control: To provide for the free-flow of surface water by cleaning and maintaining a network of sewers and sewer connections. -more

The Division of Fiscal Control: Responsible for the financial reports of the Divisions of Water, Water Pollution Control and Cleveland Public Power. Utilities Fiscal Control is the financial arm of the Department of Public Utilities and thus has been set apart as a separate Division with a separate budget. Our functions include but are not limited to the monitoring and reporting of the operating results of the Divisions of the Department Public Utilities.

The Division of Radio Communication: Responsible for the maintenance of the City's 800 MHz system in a reliable condition suitable for use by all City divisions including Police, Fire and EMS.