Fire Training Academy

New recruits spend over three months at the Fire Training Academy learning about fire behavior and training with tools and equipment used daily by firefighters. Training includes all aspects of fireground operations, apparatus operation and maintenance, rescue, building construction, and required state and federal courses. It also includes a 130-hour course in emergency medical care which certifies new recruits as Basic Emergency Medical Technicians.

Classes are held days and evenings, including weekends. Since firefighters must work in all types of weather conditions, training is not affected by weather, even the most severe.

Burn Building Training

In 2004 a new burn building was built to assist Cleveland firefighters in live burn conditions. Live burn training simulates actual fires, making it the most effective type of training for new recruits. At the same time, however, it is one of the most dangerous forms of training. If it is not precisely executed, there is a chance of injury or death for trainees as well as instructors.

Continuous Career Training

Continued training is essential to a firefighter’s career, so it continues through the entire length of service.