Permit Guide

Permits may be needed for new, extended, replacement or repair of the following items, and fees may apply. Detailed information regarding permits:

Permit Guide for Building, Repairing and Rehabbing in Cleveland:

Building Plan Submission Phases:

Phase 1 – Phase 1: Site plan / Zoning Review is required for all applications which require a Lot Split/Consolidation, Design Review or a Zoning Review including all new construction and additions, all change of use and establish use and all exterior alterations located in design review districts. 4 sets of plans are required. A site plan, floor plan, exterior elevations and a description of the project is required to get started. There is a $150 plan processing fee. The Building Department will verify conformance to the Zoning Code. If the design does not conform to the Zoning Code, a notice of non-conformance will be issued. Corrections can be made, if necessary a variance can be requested through the Board of Zoning Appeals. When completed, an approval letter will be sent and the construction documents can be submitted for a building review.

If the project disturbs one acre or more of land, a storm water review is required. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans are required for this review. There is a $500 plan processing fee.

Phase 2 – Building Code Review. Six sets of construction documents prepared by a design professional are required for new construction. A plan processing fee of $20/1000 s.f. of floor area is required. The Building Department is designated as the lead department for all construction projects in the city of Cleveland that are not in the public right-of-way. Plans will be routed directly to other departments upon submission. Review comments will be forwarded to the contact person on the application. If there are any outstanding items that cannot be resolved an adjudication order will be issued. If necessary, a request for a variance can be made to the Board of Building Standards. When the plans are approved, a Plan Approval Letter will be sent and a registered contractor can obtain the construction permit.