2022 Mayor's Impact Report


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Moving Up & Not Backing Down 

The Bibb administration is focused on putting people and neighborhoods first, working across three key areas to deliver high-quality city services and lead bold change. The 2022 Mayor’s Impact Report highlights progress and opportunities emerging from Mayor Justin M. Bibb’s first year in office.  


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Focus Areas 


Clevelanders deserve a safe, vibrant city with responsive services. From beloved landmarks to city sidewalks to your homes, we work to ensure every inch of our city operates for the modern needs of its residents.  


Cleveland is a force not easily ignored. Thanks to the collaboration between the City and local businesses and organizations, we’re attracting new opportunities and welcoming visitors from all over the world. With every accomplishment, the people of Cleveland challenged outdated perceptions of our City and proved we are a vibrant hub of arts, food, sports, and innovation. 


We’re building a city for all. The City of Cleveland values the contributions of our diverse communities and recognizes how they strengthen our neighborhoods. We invite all Clevelanders to participate in conversations — so we can remove barriers and create an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and hate.