Division of Neighborhood Services 

Louise Jackson - Commissioner

The Division of Neighborhood Services administers programs that strengthen City neighborhoods and provide direct assistance to homeowners and  tenants to live safely and age in place. Assistance includes direct loans and grants to property owners for repairs, renovations, energy conservation, and health and safety improvements. The Division supports the maintenance of quality, affordable housing for low-income households and community services from City and volunteer sources. 


The City’s Home Repair and Maintenance program assists property owners and renters with maintaining their homes so that our neighborhoods remain vibrant and welcoming. 

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Provide lead hazard reduction assistance to address childhood lead poisoning designed to maximize safe, affordable housing while greatly reducing the rate of childhood lead poisoning. Three Lead Hazard Control program is available to eligible property owners.

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The Healthy Homes Program allows the city and its contractors to provide a larger umbrella of services available to  Cleveland residents to address health and safety concerns.   

The Program addresses  health hazards, radon risks, and general home safety concerns. Services include mold and asthma triggers, certified pest control, electrical problems, and many other projects such as trip and fall hazards and general maintenance.    

A preliminary inspection will be conducted to determine health  risks and radon saturation. The Program can help with all manner of household health risks and repairs depending on the need.

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The Office of Consumer Affairs addresses complaints from consumers by prosecuting code violators, educating the public, and ensuring fairness in consumer, housing, and banking transactions.

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