Division of Neighborhood Development

Community Development

The Division of Neighborhood Development works to improve and maintain the built environments in our neighborhoods. 

The Division supports the construction and rehabilitation of safe, affordable, and equitable housing in the city, along with commercial building rehabilitation and the maintenance and disposition of vacant land.


Cleveland Land Bank

The City’s Land Bank Program is designed to acquire vacant land and market it for redevelopment.

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Housing Development

Housing Development resources are available to all developers and neighborhoods and come in the form of soft loans, forgivable loans, and grants.

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Storefront Renovation and Signage

The Storefront Renovation Program (SRP) is designed to improve the exteriors of neighborhood retail buildings throughout the City, with the goal of making Cleveland a more attractive and economically viable place to visit and shop. 

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Tax Abatement

The City’s Residential Tax Abatement program temporarily eliminates 100% of the increase in real estate property taxes that results from specific improvements on eligible residential/housing projects (remodeling or new construction).

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