The Director's Office

Community Development

The Director’s Office works to set the strategy for the Department of Community Development, drive relationships with our partners, and coordinate transformative projects.


Municipal Information Service and Geographical Information System

This team is responsible for supporting data-driven policy development, implementation, performance evaluation, and monitoring to make our business more efficient.

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Office of Fair Housing

The Office of Fair Housing was formed to ensure that all Clevelanders receive fair and equal treatment for housing. Illegal discrimination in housing can occur due to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, ethnic group, Vietnam-era or disabled veteran status, familial status, marital status, or ancestry.

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Bank Relations

Bank Relations administrates the City of Cleveland's Community Reinvestment (CRA) Program. This program is based upon an ordinance passed in 1994 to address the relative lack of credit and related services in the City of Cleveland, especially for minorities, low-income persons, and city neighborhoods.

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Middle Neighborhood Initiative

Cleveland’s Middle Neighborhood Initiative is focused on delivering unique and specific strategies to areas often overlooked by the City of Cleveland and its community development ecosystem. The majority of the Middle neighborhood targeted areas are composed of low-income households. Their neighborhoods have consistently depressed home values that are often the result of historic redlining and contemporary discriminatory housing practices. The Middle Neighborhood Initiative has developed grant and loan tools to support this critical area of Cleveland. 

Special Assets Redevelopment

The Asset Redevelopment Strategist works collaboratively across City divisions and departments and with external partners to identify, create, and implement viable and proactive property redevelopment and disposition strategies that meet City of Cleveland goals.