Tenbusch, Gerhard

Birth / Established: September 17, 1866
Death / Dissolved: February 22, 1933


Gerhard A. Tenbusch was born in Germany and came to America at the age of seventeen. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the 1890's he worked as a draftsman and then architect in Duluth, Minnesota. He was a partner with I. Vernon Hill by 1899. He moved to Cleveland in 1900, maintaining a relationship with Hill who remained in Duluth until 1901. Their offices were on the fourth floor of the Electric Building. After that firm dissolved in 1901, Tenbush moved his office to the Rose Building. Tenbusch specialized in church architecture in the early years of his career, later specializing in commercial design. Initially he worked as an architect and later entered real estate. He formed the Estates and Investment Company, which he headed for several years. He lived at 1854 East 79th Street and had an office in the Buckeye Building. He died at the age of sixty-seven and is buried in Calvary Cemetery.

Building Name Address Built Status
Henry Schuette Residence 330 West 6th Street, Appleton, WI 1890 Standing
John Fraser Residence 1602 Jefferson Street, Duluth, MN 1892 Standing
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart 201 West Fourth Street, Duluth, MN 1893-6 Standing
Episcopal Residence West Fourth Street, Duluth, MN 1893-6 Demolished
Apartment Building Giddings Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1901 Standing
Apartment Store Marcy Avenue & Stanley, Cleveland, OH 1901 Demolished
Catholic Church Sheridan, WY 1901 Unknown
Four Story Addition to Koch & Henkes Store Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1901 Demolished
Franciscans Church Wichita, KS 1901 Unknown
Frost Wire Fence Welland, ONT 1901 Standing
Residence for W. H. Heils Beechwood Street, Cleveland, OH 1901 Demolished
Smith Bedstead Company Lake Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1901 Standing
Swedish Lutheran Church 7505 Wade Park Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1901 Standing
St. Lawrence Church Union Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1902 Demolished
John Stuber Residence 1821 East 79th Street, Cleveland, OH 1903 Demolished
St. Paul Croatian Church 1369 East 40th Street, Cleveland, OH 1903 Standing
St. Paul Parish House 1369 East 40th Street, Cleveland, OH 1903 Standing
Apartment Building East Madison Near Hough, Cleveland, OH 1905 Demolished
Apartment Building for David Feder East 79th Near Wade Park, Cleveland, OH 1905 Demolished
Remodeled House and Terrace E. Madison and LaGrange, Cleveland, OH 1905 Demolished
Buckeye Building 2084 East 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 1906 Standing
Commercial Building for Koch and Henke Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1906 Demolished
Tenements and Stores for J. B. Gebhardt Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1906-7 Demolished
Prospect Building 1040 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1910 Standing
Six Story Office Building for Union Realty and Investment Company (Union Building) 1836 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1913-4 Standing
Advance Building 1510 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1915 Demolished


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Image Source(s): Craig Bobby