Fountain & Moratz

Birth / Established: 1910
Death / Dissolved: 1912


This architectural firm was established by Sampson Fountain and Arthur Moratz. It was active in Cleveland from 1910 until 1912. The firm's work was featured in the February 1912 issue of the Ohio Architect and Builder. The firm was later purchased by Paul Cahill. Fountain soon left the firm and it became the A. F. Moratz & Co. beginning on January 1, 1913.

Building Name Address Built Status
St. Paul's M.E. Church Milam at Mcgowan, Houston, TX 1909 Demolished
Residence of Edson L. Cannon 10937 Drexel Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1910 Standing
First Christian Church 406 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton, OH 1912 Demolished
First Hungarian Baptist Church 8005 Holton Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1913 Standing
Ambler Block Canton, OH n.d. Unknown
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Chicago, IL n.d. Unknown
Church Hennepin, IL n.d. Unknown
First Presbyterian Church Canton, OH n.d. Unknown
Hospital Fort Madison, IA n.d. Unknown
Residence of Dr. E. W. Gurley 1659 Alvason Road, East Cleveland, OH n.d. Unknown
Residence of Dr. H. M. Schufell Canton, OH n.d. Unknown
Residence of F. A. Emmerton 1610 East 115th Street, Cleveland, OH n.d. Demolished
Residence of Miss D. A. McCall 1685 Carlyon Road, East Cleveland, OH n.d. Demolished
Residence of W. A. Sherman Euclid, OH n.d. Unknown
St. Francis Hospital Taylorville, IL n.d. Unknown
St. John's Church Cullon, OH n.d. Unknown
St. Philomena Parish Buildings East Cleveland, OH n.d. Unknown


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